Valley Curtain, Rifle, Colorado (1970-72)
Sinking Skull (White), 2007
Solo for Violin, for Sylvano Bussotti, January 2, 1962
A Fold in the Field, Gibbs Farm, New Zealand (2013)
Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, (2009). Installation view, PAC Milan, 2010. Copyright Yayoi Kusama Studio, Inc.; Courtesy Gagosian Gallery, New York
I Love You
Untitled (An Allegory of Faith) (2008)
Untitled (The Lost Bishop) ‘They are after you, whoever they are. You are not playing against him tomorrow. You’re playing the system itself.’ 2012. courtesy tegenboschvanvreden
Henry Rollins in KCRW Studio
Sarobetsu (Hokkaido) (1971)
to: Christian Boy from: Desperate Girl
Initiés ’88 - Initiés ’99
Elevenplay Dance Performance, Scene 2 (at YCAM)
...and to draw a bright white line with light (Untitled 11.3) 2011
Alphadirect Brainwave Relaxation
Smash Hits
"Power Animal System: Googlehexin" video still (2014)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (2)
Excerpt from "Green is the balance between light and shadow." (Translated from original text in Italian)
The Fall - Elves
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
Pippi Zornoza - Vvltvre's myPsychicAbilitieshavesincebecomegrotesque
Untitled (2014)
For The Newly-Bereaved
Black Pus - The Wicked West
Your Colour Perception (2015)
Everything That's Made is Made To Decay (2009)
Incoming Seas Edge Jan 5 2010 1130-1137 AM No. 6 49404 (2010)
Excerpt from "Where The Two Came To Their Father: Navajo War Ceremonial"
Music Video for "Melodia" by Magnus Helgason
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (4)
Excerpt from Mileva
Listening Earth - An African Night
Sciathericon Microcosmicum, 1646
Holi Festival of Colour
Excerpted from "Libre de Droits", published in 2004 by SRO-Kundig in Geneva.
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
Still for Variety (1983)
Corps de dame (1950)
Souls of Black Folk (2010)
View of Binnen-Amstel in Amsterdam (c.1656)
Untitled (1941)
Isabel Telleria as "Isabel" in THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE
“The Beautyful Ones” Series #1c (2014)
Trio A
There Is No Hero or Victim
NO, NO, NO (2011)
Twins (2010)
Ver Sacrum
Nine Landscapes, Nr. 8 (1988)
Yulia McGuffie, Kiev Ukraine (2009)