Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring Summer Collection, FOULARDS D'ARTISTES
Jason Martin - Patient Zero (For The Sensitive Tail)
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2014)
Nino Rota - The Adwards
Hall and Oates - Floatation (Sonic Swing Remix)
Wildflowers (2011)
Mother-of-Pearl-Garden (1956)
and certainly one of us will grieve, (2013)
The Written Face
September 16, 2001
Excerpt from Gagarin, Fifth Edition
For The Newly-Bereaved
Will You Love Me
Body Sign Action (5) (1970)
Neko's Nebula
Severed leg with show
Destruction IV. Kolodny Family Collection. copyright Richard Artschwager. Photograph by Jason Mandella. From the Whitney Museum
nude drawing (1911)
Zhanna Prokhorenko as "Shura" in BALLAD OF A SOLDIER
Tenement Fire (1944)
Fly Billboard (1996)
Suited to Wander (2013)
Mortal Engine
Left: Drag Queen, Dallas, Texas, March 2010 ; Right: Digital Rorschach, West Cornwall, Connecticut, June 2009
The Excess of Things Gone Pearshaped (2004)
Elizabeth Taylor as "Martha" in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?
12th street New York, (2012)
KL30 (2011)
Mary Quant London Poster, (2003)
Erotic Drawing (1930)
Superimpositions by Hussein Chalayan, Mid-Warwickshire College, 1988
Run Boy Run
Purple, Plastic (2011)
Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture
Lush (a dream of palanquin white), (2012)
Jean Louis’ Girlfriend
Untitled, 2011
F-18 Diamondback Blast
Stage Set: Design for "The Golden Fables", George White's Scandals, New York (1926)
Rickzilla, Paris, 2011
Lee Strasberg Method Acting