Power Animal System: Wolfdogmoon
The Butterfly Dream book cover designed by Yokoo Tadanori
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
Acne Paper
Excerpt from The Written Face, directed by Daniel Schmid
Red Antipodular Portrait
Phantom Limb, 2010
Gun Level (2014)
Dance PLUS projection mapping 3
Landscape #2 (2011)
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA
Your Colour Perception (2015)
View of "Splitting" (1974)
Broom Vol 5 No 4 (1923)
yv16 (2001)
Ekpokang Masquerade, Calabar South, Nigeria
Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers - exhibition discussion
Rockford Kabine - Introduzione
"Censorship Causes Blindness", digital artwork, Los Angeles, (2010) & Backup singers in custom XXXO digital print burqas worn on tour throughout (2010-11) -copyright M.I.A.
Stones IV, (2013)
Hallway of Military Recruiting Station on 125th Street, 2008. Photo by Coco Fusco
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Karen Robson as "Irma" and Anne Lambert as "Miranda" in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK
Impluvium Pražského hradu (1946)
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
Serpentine Pavilion (2015)
Chantal Goya - D'abord Dis-Moi Ton Nom
Shoe-1977 (1994)
City (ongoing, begun 1972)
Pineapple from the installation "Still Life With Fruit", (2013)
Argument Clinic
Ted Berrigan - Sonnet 3
Blind Self Portrait
Listening Earth - Dusk Cicada Chorus, from Sulawesi Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest
Sebastian Blanck - Tumbling Skies (Featuring Lia Ices)
De La Soul - Talkin' Bout Hey Love
Twin Pines, Level Distance (ca. 1310)
They Will Come and They Will Go
Untitled (Dreammachine) (1963)
A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.9, 2009
Cloud Plane (Slipstream) 2015
(10) Love Letter #3 (Original text in Arabic, written in potato peels)
Contactlens, detail
Color Etching (two states) (1958)
Interview with Marcel Duchamp
Michael Chapman - March Rain
Untitled (1987)
Brigitte Bardot as "Camille" in CONTEMPT
Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
Wold 8.15.2010 (2010)
Herbie Hancock - Bring Down the Birds