Simone Signoret as "Mathilde" in ARMY OF SHADOWS
The Boat (2010)
Plate 3
Poetic Cosmos Of The Breath (2007)
Matta '85 (1)
Mythology of Bean, detail
Untitled (2008)
Aleksandra Vrebalov - Spell No. 4 for amplified string quartet, Tibetan ball and chimes and prerecorded sounds, performed by Kronos Quartet
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (5)
Six Scores, January 12-14, 1962
The Yardbirds - Stroll On
Octonaires on the World’s Vanity and Inconstancy
Ann-Sofie Kylin as "Annika" in A LOVE STORY
Snowflake, (2010)
Embryo in a Pakistani circus
Alejandro Amenábar - Wakey Wakey
Gilles Deleuze on Leibniz
Il a Tué une Hyéne (1986)
Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture
Progression 2 (2005)
Erupting Volcano, Chile (2011)
Speak Truth To Power, (2012)
Dreams That Money Can Buy
Held Up By Columns January 19 2011
Power Animal System: Wolfdogmoon
Brazil National Congress on inauguration day (1960), photo by Thomaz Farkas
Out of the Light
81 Triangles (2015)
Sigourney Weaver as "Ripley" in ALIEN
We Feel Fine, interface in action
Chatsworth, Devonshire, England (1995)
Untitled 141, From the series Kathy Acker's Clothes (1999-2004)
Left: Hotel Nacional (1968), by Oscar Niemeyer, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, August 2003 ; Right: Leaning Tower of Pisa (1173–1360), Pisa, Italy, January 2004
Radial Arm Saw-Cut Sculpture, Quincy Mass (1959)
Brigitte Bardot as "Camille" in CONTEMPT
One Hundred and Eleven, Spring/Summer 2007. Show photographs by Chris Moore
Greetings from the People of Earth, made for the 2010 World Science Festival
Untitled 8
Red Pony (1969)

Utopia (Me Giorgia)
Obon, Puerto Rico Installation
Lost and Wandering Bridge Series 4, (2011)
No. 11: Mirror Animations
Piss Göttin -excerpt
Zephyrus Image - Ford (1970)
The Deserted Crone (Obasute)
New Tokyo Ferry Terminal, (2004-2005)
Auricula, 2009
Campden Hill, London (1953)