Stranger in a Strange Land
Jackie (as read by Holly Woodlawn)
Model for Brick Structure (four domes and a sphere) (2003)
Treed But Not Crow (1987)
The End is Nigh: Oil on Canvas etc., Master's Degree Show, Atelier Alberola, ENSBA, Paris, (2012)
Nicole Kidman as "Satine" in MOULIN ROUGE
Untitled (1987)

Les Oursins / Sea Urchins (1928)
Chair/Chair, (1987 and 2007). Image courtesy of David Nolan Gallery

Ralph & Ricky: 1976, Amagansett, NY. Image by Barbara Walz
Wall Flower (Red Circle) (2011)
Excerpted from "Libre de Droits", published in 2004 by SRO-Kundig in Geneva.
Mary Quant London Poster, (2003)
Soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood to the Film Bodysong Directed by Simon Pummell
Untitled (1911-13)
Walk With Me, (2012)
Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, (2009). Installation view, PAC Milan, 2010. Copyright Yayoi Kusama Studio, Inc.; Courtesy Gagosian Gallery, New York
Erupting Volcano, Chile (2011)
Marcos Valle - Vôo Cego
Paper Clipped (1995)
Water Walk
Cut Hands - ++++ (Four Crosses)
The Weight of Data
Forest of Beyond (The Haknoe Open-Air Museum, Kanagawa) (2011)
The Bow, 1913
Marcel Duchamp's studio on (the Picabias are in the catskills), permutation 5 (at Bortolami, New York), 2011-12
Lea Massari as "Anna" in L'AVVENTURA
ERECTRO-banbi, 2003
Untitled (2009)
Pages from 'For the Voice', by Mayakovsky - Title Page for "Order for the Army of the Arts"
Color Etching (1958)
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA (Performative Sculpture Detail) (December 10-15, 2013)
Sandman (2013)
Arthur Russell - Arm Around You
Spinning Top 5, 2012
Homage to Yoko Ono
VIOLA (Clip 1)
Rail Band - Marabayasa
Lew Welch - Graffiti
Excerpt from Gagarin, Fifth Edition
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Nude from rear (1930)
Excerpt from "Plantation" in "La Revue Des Revues" (1927)
Poor Boy
Charleston Window (I) (1952)
Ophelia (1851-52)
The One Hundred and Thirty Eighth Verse (2011)
Batteaux - Wake Me In The Morning
Alessandro Pessoli (2001) -Cinelli Archives