Matthew E. White - Cover of Games People Play, by Joe South
Kronos Quartet - Dominguez Perfidia
Tokonoma Series, Sadness
Niino (Nagano) (1977)
Tales at the Dressing Table (1908)
Blue Nude No. 12 (2000)
Plate 4
Fifty Days at Iliam: Shades of Eternal Night (1978)
From Metapher Zahl Portfolio (1985-89)
Oh.. (2008)
Excerpt from "The House of The Spirits (La Casa De Los Espírtus)" (1982)
Mythology of Bean, detail
The upper tower of the Barclay-Vesey Building
Landscape #2, 2009
Kawa Equal Flow no.1529
Vladimir Mayakovsky's Workroom, by Serdarakman
Rendering of Tida Dome (2011)
Uterine Catarrh
Brain Fiber Tractography
Eric Malmberg - Språk och tankestrukturer
Clown Face Cat Pot- side A (2012)
16 Possibilities for an 8 Minute Car Drive
Faye Dunaway With Eiko's Daughters
Blue Movie
You’ll Return Tomorrow, Won’t You? (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Excerpt from "Snout"
Panoramic, Autumn-Winter 1998. Show photographs by Chris Moore
Soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood to the Film Bodysong Directed by Simon Pummell
sketches by RL
Hand-Dyed and Embossed with Gold Dress From The Fire Collection. courtesy of Lolly Koon
Forms in Succession (2010), no.14
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA (Pin-up)
Rhythm 21
BK XVI 1 (2005)
Bert Jansch - There Comes A Time
Power Animal System: Wolfdogmoon
Himmelstreppe (Stairway to Heaven) 1980-87
Table Lamp Mounted on a Quartz Base, Parchment Shade, ca 1925
TXC10, (2013)
Excerpt from "Where The Two Came To Their Father: Navajo War Ceremonial"
Brain Fiber Tractography
Left: Heirloom Tomato, West Cornwall, Connecticut, August 2009 ; Right: Balloon Flower Yellow (1995–2000), Jeff Koons, Versailles, France, September 2008
The Making of Unnamed Sound Sculpture
The Round Wave
Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions
Unicanitor saddle -Cinelli Archives
Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye Man
Night (1914)