Grey Line with Lavender and Yellow (c.1923)
Untitled (Charm 1) (2014)
Lukas Spielhausen (1532)
Red Wine 2 (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
A House of Comfort, 1993
Polar 2d Perlin Field
July 18, 2009
The Bob (1980s)
All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration
Finger Poem Poster (2011)
Tanaquil Le Clercq and Nicholas Magallanes in "Jones Beach" (1950)

La Jetée
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2)
Tin Relic (1930)
The Eagles - The Disco Strangler
An Event About Which No More Need Be Said
Flash and The Pan - Walking In the Rain
Spiral Wave
Stranger in a Strange Land
Untitled - Slip detail, 2007
LA LOVE, (2008)
Hanna Schygulla as "Maria Braun" in THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN
Thomas Brinkmann - Inge/Jutta
The Upsetters - Bird in Hand
Embryo & Karnataka College of Percussion
Impluvium Pražského hradu (1946)
Speed of Light
Cut Hands - ++++ (Four Crosses)
Photographing Buildings No. 1 (2010)
Poem Beginning with a Line by John Ashbery
The Seine at Bercy (1878)
Ancestral bush, (2012)
2 Figures (2)
Magic Lamp (from "Hidden Shit", 2010)
Residenzschloss Weimar XV (2006)
Out of the Blue
Campden Hill, London (1947)
Plate 3
Ted Berrigan - Sonnet 4
Petroleum in Quartz with methane bubble
Landscape #4, 2010
John Stewart - Shackles And Chains
Brenda Ray - Star Light
Cat and Mouse, (1969)
Waxchick, (2014)
Anne Parillaud as "Nikita" in LA FEMME NIKITA
Nightline Passage (1992)
Jean-Luc Godard - Jamais Je Ne T'Ai Dit Que Je T'Aimerai Toujours
VIOLA (Clip 1)
Migration (1993)
Pasture, Sonoma County (c.1957)
Stilema SH, (2013)