Rail Band - Duga
White Noise Installation, Surge and Turn Through 90 Degrees (II) (1973-2008)
Fiber Tractography
The Empress Eugénie (Eugénie de Montijo, 1826–1920, Condesa de Teba) (1854)
Excerpt from "Snout"
Matthew E. White - Cover of I'll Be Home, Randy Newman
Alphadirect Brainwave Relaxation
Portraits #1, 2009
Hanel (1968)
Thursday 17 December 1998
Tom Ford, YSL. Image by Roxanne Lowit
Out of Disorder
The Studio (Nightshade), 2014
Collage Painting (1934)
Rainbow night, (1971)
Mr. glass ghost, 2006
Excerpt from "Sniff" in Sao Pauolo in daylight
Excerpted from "Libre de Droits", published in 2004 by SRO-Kundig in Geneva.
Welcome Always (2008)
Queen Mamma, (2002)
Aleksandra Vrebalov - Postcard From Ruma, Serbia - visiting Sava Sumanovic Gallery
Nervous Cabaret - Kid Sic
Brain Fiber Tractography
Mount 21
Elevenplay Dance Performance for SonarSound Tokyo Festival

Excerpt from "Green is the balance between light and shadow." (Translated from original text in Italian)
Woman Before the Rising Sun (1818-20)
Listening Post: "I Am"
Installation El Mar Caribe Ed. 5 (2011)
i-d Magazine (2014)
Bega, Kinderhook Creek (1977)
Secrets of the State (SOS)
Nude drawing
Painters Painting video still
What is the Difference between Architecture and Sculpture?
Blue Movie
Untitled (Double)
Sonnet LXVI: I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You
Coronation of the Virgin (ca. 1455)
Poor Boy
Process Journal (2008-09)
Los Angeles (1997)
Black Death
The Accommodations of Desire (1929)
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"