Setsuko Hara as "Noriko Somiya" in LATE SPRING
SHOKO Le MIKANNE Shoko Nakagawa
Cinerary Urns, (2011)
The Internal Constitution of Stars
Untitled (2009)
Pannonia Boundless played by Voxare Quartet
Running Woman, 2012
Not..., 1998
Lucy McKenzie (1997)
Untitled Poem (from the back sleeve of "Lick My Decals Off Baby")
Paeonia, Piuoine (1620s-30s)
Her Secret Is Patience, Phoenix, AZ (2009), Photo by Will Novak
Study for Psyche Before the Throne of Venus
Leonard Cohen - I Can't Forget
Arcs From Midpoint of One Side (1973)
Fiber Tractography
Rake (A Private Concert) (1988)
Cheese Slice on Garland (2010)
Excerpt from "Remember Be Here Now"
Marchese Coccapani, Monte Carlo (1994)
Kronos Quartet - Flugufrelsarinn
Cover for "La Septieme Face Du De" by Georges Hugnet
Thursday 17 December 1998
90 Heroes, No.01-09
Origami is Wonderful (2008)
Henry Rollins in KCRW Studio
Linda Lewis - Red Light Ladies
Untitled (1967)
Hiroshi Manabe (1954)
to: Marina from: Hani
Oksana Akinshina as "Lilya" in LILYA 4-EVER

Black Rain - Lo Tek
Untitled Polaroid (1962-73)
A Christmas Card From Don Van Vliet
Cardboard Computer Workshop
The Sonnets C Press (1964)
Brilliant Noise
a stab at heaven (fertility)
Simmons and Burke - If Not Summer #3
Sir John Tavener - Eternity's Sunrise
Sonnet LXVI: I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You
Install from The Hands Of A Clock, Even When Out Of Order, Must Know And Let The Dumbest Little Watch Know Where They Stand, Otherwise Neither Is A Dial But Only A White Face With A Trick Mustache, at Frac Champagne-Ardenne (2012)
Big Hole (from "Hidden Shit", 2010)
La Lupa
Nothing Lost In Translation 1
Untitled from The Great Tibetan Train Robbery Mystery Play in Color (1966)
Jean-Luc Godard - Jamais Je Ne T'Ai Dit Que Je T'Aimerai Toujours
Tangerine, (2012)
Hysteric Fireworks (2007)
Mademoiselle Lange as Venus (1798)