Brazos (Live at Hopscotch Music Festival 2012)
Drawing of a visionary dance or march (1853)
You’ll Return Tomorrow, Won’t You? (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Yellow Spiral Wave
The Weight of Data
To me, "Art is the mastery of sublime and innocent works!"
The Rolling Stones in Drag. From left: Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman seated, New York (1966)
Untitled (2000)
Semina No 7
Memorial Day Run, Milwaukee (1966), Excerpted from "The Bikeriders"
Juliette Binoche as "Anna" in MAUVAIS SANG
Bitches Brew
Fever Dreams
The Apollo 17 spacecraft, containing astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Welcome Always (2008)
Ngozi Family - Hold On
mark me!-- that pen -- must never be mended! Herein, madam, lies the secret, the soul, of intensity' (from Edgar Allan Poe's, How to Write a Blackwood Article) (2)
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Elevenplay Dance Performance for SonarSound Tokyo Festival
Speed of Light
Flash and The Pan - Walking In the Rain
Camels and Desert, Le LV en pierres, Ceuvre Louis Vuitton, Pushkar, Rajasthan by Jean Lariviere 1988. Louis Vuitton collection
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
Almerisa, Leidschendam, The Netherlands (March 29, 2003)
Contactlens, detail
Eg & Alice - Doesn't Mean That Much To Me
All Things Are Matter
Excerpt from "Remember Be Here Now"
Flood The American Heritage
Terracotta hydria: kalpis (water jar) (ca. 500 B.C.)
Adam and Steve (2012)
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA (Performative Sculpture Detail) (December 10-15, 2013)
Hall and Oates - Floatation (Sonic Swing Remix)
Cluny, a rich silk-and-linen brocade with striped ground -Photo by François Halard
All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration
Blind Self Portrait
Arcs From Midpoint of One Side (1973)
A nice day at school, (2011)
Wreath (2010)
Excerpt from "Shadow Monsters"

La Jetée
Untitled (2002)
Excerpted from "Libre de Droits", published in 2004 by SRO-Kundig in Geneva.
Excerpt from "Green is the balance between light and shadow." (Translated from original text in Italian)
Ingrid Bergman as "Ilsa Lund" in CASABLANCA
Rhythm 21
Untitled - Slip detail, 2007
Pietà, (1476)
Michael Clark Choreography
Untitled (Charm 7) (2014)