Church, Taos Pueblo National Historic Landmark, New Mexico (1942)
Ana Torrent as "Ana" in THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE
Rancho Santa Fe, California. Master bedroom with Jean-Michel Frank chair and lamp- photo by François Halard
Princesse Elena: Yves Klein's Favorite Model
The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Ash Color Mountains, (2009-2011)
The Dull Flame of Desire
The Rapture - Miss You
Chieko Higashiyama as "Tomi Hirayama" in TOKYO STORY
Eg & Alice - Doesn't Mean That Much To Me
The Planets, Op. 32
The Clash - One More Dub
The Bob (1980s)
Museo di Capodimonte, Sala di Canova, Napoli III (2009)
Weymouth Bay: Bowleaze Cove and Jordon Hill (1816-17)
o.T. (Mirrored hallway)
"The Look of Gatsby" Photo by Mellon Tytell of Donna Miller & Bob Clement c. 1972 NYC
In the Driver's Seat, (2008). David Nolan Gallery. copyright Richard Artschwager. From the Whitney Museum
Första kalaset på EDLUND [First feast on EDLUND] (1955)
Nu, couché (1945)
Vase (ca. 1903)
The Floaters - Float On
Radial Arm Saw-Cut Sculpture, Quincy Mass (1959)
Velvet Underground at Max's Kansas City summer 1970, poster designed by Steve Nelson
Anne Lambert as "Miranda" in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK
Reflectwo, detail
Cover for "Caesar's Gate Poems" by Robert Duncan (1949-50)
Untitled (2011)
Graffiti Analysis: Sculpture
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
Shari Elf - The Wonders of Me
French Quarter House in New Orleans (1935)
Lucy McKenzie (1997)
Before Minus Now, Spring/Summer 2000. Show photographs by Chris Moore
Coalesce (2008)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (1)
TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer
Dagger with Sheath, Indian, Mughal (18th century)
Ocean in Magenta One (2008)
Gilles Deleuze on Leibniz
Amon Düül II - Don't Turn To Stone
Embryo in a Pakistani circus
The Studio (Big Banana), 2014
Color Plate 8 - "The Sick Rose", Songs (1794), plate 39. Copy Z, 1826.
Sidore (Mark II) / Heather > LOLITA (Pin-up)
Milton Nascimento - Nuvem Cigana