Sonorous Figure produced by piezoelectric excitation (1967)
Jean Patchett in a lace-eyelet head wrap and Valentina day dress with matching drawstring capelette, Vogue, May 1, 1952. Photo by Sir Cecil Beaton- Courtesy of Vogue and Conde Nast
Smash Hits
Ilha Das Cobras (2001)
Music Video for "IBM 1" by Magnus Helgason
Piano Concerto No. 3 (Played by Vladimir Horowitz)
Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions
Filling in of a Form #12 (Manscape) (2010)
Mono (2013)
Left: Geometric Mouse, Scale A, White (1975), Claes Oldenburg, MoMA NYC, November 2004 ; Right: House in Germany (2003), John Pawson, October 2003
Parc de la Villette Folie drawing (1982-83)
Eric Malmberg - Det högre medvetandet
Dreams That Money Can Buy
Listening Post: "I Am"
Marpessa Dawn as "Eurydice" in BLACK ORPHEUS
Frame Filters for use during the projection of Film No. 12 Heaven and Earth Magic (1957-62)
Speed of Light
I Kiss You (2010)
The White Place (1988)
Black Pus - The Wicked West
VIOLA (Clip 2)
Soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood to the Film Bodysong Directed by Simon Pummell
Brenda Ray - Sweet Sweet Wine
Rail Band - Duga
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Rhythm 21
Anne Lambert as "Miranda" in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK
The Transfinite
Gallery design for LACMA's "Magritte and Contemporary Art: The Treachery of Images (2006)
Ibirapuera Auditorium (2002), photo by Armando Vernaglia Junior
Ephrem Tamiru - Track 11
I open wide my eyes but see no scenery. I fix my gaze upon my heart, (2007)
machinedrum - Nastyfuckk
Interview with Marcel Duchamp
Chickens, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"
Cloud Box (1966)
Beer Street, Engraving, third state of three (February 4, 1751)
Heaven Flower Series (2) (1996)
"The Third Fake Maharaja" Brooch, William Harper (1986)
Pop Magazine (2014)
Arts & Architecture
Spinning Top 2, 2012
Grace Coddington with the Five Point Cut. Photo by Eric Swayne
El Lissitzky (1930)
Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, (2009). Installation view, PAC Milan, 2010. Copyright Yayoi Kusama Studio, Inc.; Courtesy Gagosian Gallery, New York
Deborah Kerr as "Hannah Jelkes" in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA
Princesse Elena: Yves Klein's Favorite Model
Turkish March (arrangement for 8 pianos)
Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized
A Piece of Flat Globe Vol. 10, 2009