I Love You
Piece (1969)
Body Sign Action (5) (1970)
Woman Behind Flowers (1981)
T.C. (1975)
Unnamed Sound Sculpture
Love Letter #3
Faye Dunaway, New York (1968)
Harlem's High Heel Heaven Slash 4 Pair for $20, 2008. Photo by Barkley L. Hendricks
Eve of St. Agnes (1863)
To be the knife as well as the wound (2003)
Popocatépetl, Spirited Morning-- Mexico (1932)
Odalisque (c.1825)
Roman Bunka
Reclining Semi-Nude Masturbating
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Chrysaora achlyos (2006)
Conical Intersect (1975)
Phantom Limb, 2010
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.4, 2012
Prudence, 1996
Still life with Italian vintage typewriter, Image by Grey Crawford
The Bob (1920s)
To Be Titled (Additive Sculpture) (2010)
Free Radicals
Reading (Citation), 2010-12. Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey
Sonorous Figure excited on a circular steel plate (1967)
Excerpt from "Delicate Boundaries"
Music Video for "Melodia" by Magnus Helgason
Moveable Type
Embryo in a Pakistani circus
Cosmic Skull
Tim Buckley - Happy Time
Eternal Springtime (modeled c. 1881; cast 1916-17)
Bryan Ferry - Party Doll
More Love (2010)
Untitled mother and baby, 2008
Helmut Lang Autumn-Winter 1999-2000, with Brad Pitt, style by Tom Borgese, photographs by Jack Pierson- Purple #4
Know Means No (2013)
Selected Correspondence Letters from Félix González-Torres (1992)
Anne Lambert as "Miranda" in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK
Herbert Matter's Graphic Design for Knoll (1946)
Birthday (1915)
Tuesday March 5th, 1968 : John Cage and Marcel Duchamp performed "Reunion" at the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto
Batteaux - Wake Me In The Morning
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Interview with Salvador Dalí
Landscape #2, 2009
If Breath is an Occasion for Memory