Wall Flower (Red Circle) (2011)
Before Minus Now, SpringSummer 2000. Show photograph by Chris Moore. Model- Erin O'Connor
Rail Band - Marabayasa
Pippi Zornoza - Vvltvre's myPsychicAbilitieshavesincebecomegrotesque
Semina No 6
Conical Intersect
Nina Simone - Baltimore
A Private Concert - Shot at 3AM in a Holiday Inn Houston (1988)
Circle in Alaska, Bering Strait Driftwood on the Arctic Circle (1977)
Monika - Installation view, New British Art 2000, Tate Britain
Bobby Darin - Not For Me
Sigourney Weaver as "Ripley" in ALIEN
Spiral Jetty (1970)
If You Look Outside (2011)
Juliette Binoche as "Anna" in MAUVAIS SANG
Marcos Valle - Vôo Cego
Hanna Schygulla as "Maria Braun" in THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN
Black Pus - Beneath the Wheel
Cedric Im Brooks - Salt Lane Rock
On Rachmaninoff's Birthday
Zephyrus Image - Ford (1970)
Radiohead - Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)
No. 11: Mirror Animations
Ring Installation, Rebirth exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London (2012)
Exclamation Point Chartreuse, (2008). Gagosian Gallery, New York. copyright Richard Artschwager. Photograph by Robert McKeever. from the Whitney Museum
Nocturne of the Poet Who Loved the Moon
Biennale Danza 2010
Ted Berrigan - Sonnet 3
deadhead #3, (2012)
I LIKE MYSELF (2013), reworked in 2014
Water Walk
Programming Excerpt from "Hana"
Fountain (1917)
Excerpt from The Written Face, directed by Daniel Schmid
The House Is Black, 2008
Lines (1969)
Work Tables and Tischmatten (1983-1993)
Raquel Welch, June 1968, Goodbye Baby & Amen
Brilliant Noise
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Gabrielle d'Estrées and One of Her Sisters (c.1594)
Trinity Chapel Preliminary sketch (1958)
Michael Clark Choreography
Träd Gräs Och Stenar - All Along The Watchtower
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (1)
Deborah Kerr as "Hannah Jelkes" in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA
ACAB, (2012)
Kawa Equal Flow no.1533
Excerpt from Course de la vie (Curriculum Vitae)
Etude in 2-4 Time (1938)
VIOLA (Clip 3)
yv16 (2001)
The Sleep of Endymion (1791)
Westway To The World (1 of 8)
Untitled (The Saint), 1990