The Drama of the Shadowdrome, ­ Eleni Sikelianos with Jillian Mukavetz on violin
Thursday 17 December 1998
Deborah Kerr as "Hannah Jelkes" in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA
Walking Gun (1991)
Static 15 (2009)
So It Goes
Tonoscope. Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, 1st Movement, bar 29, start of ff passage (1967)
The B-52's - Debbie
Untitled (2001)
Two Men Contemplating the Moon, 1825–30
The Eagles - The Disco Strangler
Sky TV (1966 & 2015)
Jackie (as read by Holly Woodlawn)
Style My Daughter (2009)
Rorschach Test
Koen dori, Shibuya (1982)
Lightning Field, during storm (1977)
Cloud Box (1966)
Brain/Cloud (Two Views): with Palm Tree and Seascape (2009)
Shari Elf - The Wonders of Me
Mount 8
Gossip (1873)
From The Origins Series (Detritus Spectrum) (2011)
Diffusion Tensor MRI Ellipsoids
The Boat (2010)
Stain Fall, 2011
Yellow Spiral Wave
Mark Strand - An Event About Which No More Need Be Said, Exclusively Recorded for Dream The End
Credulity, Superstition, and Fanaticism, Etching and engraving, second state of two (March 15, 1762)
Intersect/s (2011)
Terry Reid - Brave Awakening
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Photographing Buildings No. 2 (2011)
John Moloney - Cosmic Hallways, "North by Northeast"
Erotic Drawing (1930)
The Rolling Stones - Indian Girl
Stacked Logs, Stone Walls, and Ruins, Baja, Mexico (1969-73)
The Dream Merchant Fairies, (1965)
Mirror (1921)
copyright Juergen Teller and Cindy Sherman
Mailed Gift to Bill Wilson (1960)
Observatory / Playground, image by Stephan Breuer (2015)
Landscape with Shepherds (1639)
Detail from Landscape with a Rainbow (c.1630)
Passion Cycle VIII (2002)
Hall and Oates - Floatation (Sonic Swing Remix)
New York, Number 18 (1938)
Hedda Gabler (2011). Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey
Seascape No. 23 (1967)
Kuroishi Aomori (1978)
Alphadirect Brainwave Relaxation