Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring Summer Collection, FOULARDS D'ARTISTES
Bali, Indonesia (1950)
Untitled (Twelve)
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Jean-Luc Godard - Jamais Je Ne T'Ai Dit Que Je T'Aimerai Toujours
C11 The Andromeda Strain
Mountain Landscape with Rainbow, 1809-10
The Fall and Michael Clark
Komposice (1951)
Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination
Mythology of Bean, 2008
Peace Eye Bookstore Catalogue 8

L'Hippocampe / The Seahorse (1933)
Tokonoma Series, Outgrow

Le Vampire / The Vampire (1945)
Pie Fight Study 4
Greetings from the People of Earth, made for the 2010 World Science Festival
"I Ams", Chapter 2, Page 1
Jeanne-Claude on meeting Christo
The Chocolate Factory (2002)
Sunglasses (1)
Process Journal (2008-09)
Weather Rocket
Great American Nude No. 50 (1963)
Table Lamp Mounted on a Quartz Base, Parchment Shade, ca 1925
Walter Dorwin Teague and Frank Del Giudice, Polaroid Desk Lamp 114 (1939)
Untitled from the The Great Wall series, 2010
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Walter Franco - Cachorro Babucho
Spirit Message (1843)
Ephrem Tamiru - Track 11
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Planet
Cum To Barber (2005)
Excerpt from The Written Face, directed by Daniel Schmid
Nervous Cabaret - Page 13
Cultivation-For Nostalgic Purpose-For Your Living Room, (1967-1968)
Untitled from the ongoing photography project "Further Reading", (2008-2013)
White Noise Installation, Surge and Turn Through 90 Degrees (II) (1973-2008)
Reading (Citation), 2010-12. Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey
Freedom From Want (Detail)
Circular Train A (Telescope Train), (1968)
Endless Column at Târgu Jiu, Romania (1938)
Water Walk