Unitled From the Biblios Series, 2010
Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
Shattered (Thomas the Impostor) No.1 (2006)
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
Susan, LILLY 2005
Joanna Newsom - Only Skin
Color Plate 8 - "The Sick Rose", Songs (1794), plate 39. Copy Z, 1826.
New Traditional Picture
Yoko Ono - What A Mess
Brain Fiber Tractography
Fall 2
Camels and Desert, Le LV en pierres, Ceuvre Louis Vuitton, Pushkar, Rajasthan by Jean Lariviere 1988. Louis Vuitton collection
Excerpt from “Miss Lonelyhearts & The Day of the Locust”
Untitled - lingerie, 2008
John Martyn - May You Never
Sexy Robot #7
Henry Rollins - January 12, Hour 1 -excerpt 3
Immagini Della Realta (1977-4)
The Floaters - Float On
Grace Jones and Jerry Hall at Antonios rue de Rennes apartment, Paris, 1975. Courtesy of the Estate of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos
Songs for Schizoid Siblings
Nothin' (Private Concert) (1988)
Jarvis on Bed, (1996)
Excerpt from Mileva
Excerpt from "Leni Riefenstahl - Africa" (2002) (2)
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"
Hand-printed in Italy at the Ratti facilities, Grand Tableau Chinois design -Photo by François Halard
Finnish Horn Paimensarvi
Origami is Wonderful (2008)
Nov 26, 2004 String Theory (2004)
The Whitman Variations (2011)
McFadden Modeling Turqoise Tibetan Earrings. courtesy of Mary McFadden
Black Rain
Source for 'Untitled' (2000)
Embryo & Karnataka College of Percussion
Untitled (At least They Died Together), 2007
The Fall - Elves
Broadcast - Colour Me In
Kusama in Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field (1965) at “Floor Show,” Castellane Gallery, New York. Copyright Yayoi Kusama Studio, Inc.; Courtesy Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; Gagosian Gallery, New York
Nino Rota - Tema Della Strada
Untitled (The Saint), 1990
Asphalt Rundown
Public Enemy and Spike Lee, Brooklyn 1989, photo by David C. Lee
Black Pus - The Wicked West
Untitled, 2006
Roulette (1966)
Still from the film Immortals
Fiber Tractography