Characters and Caricaturas, after Annibale Carracci, after Raphael, after Leonardo da Vinci, after Pier Leone Ghezzi, Etching, first state of two (April 1743)
Cedric Im Brooks - Salt Lane Rock
Zen, 5 (RGBD)
Hakkanai Fleeting Blue (2013)
Venus' Boudoir (2010)
A Piece of Flat Globe Vol. 10, 2009
Adam and Steve (2012)
Bingham Copper Mining Pit - Utah Reclamation Project (1973)
White Noise Installation, Surge on the Diagonal (II) (1973-2008)
Purple, Plastic (2011)
Malingerer, 2012
Princesse Elena: Yves Klein's Favorite Model
Embryo in a Pakistani circus
Psychedelic Death Vomit (2010)
Olive Trees After the Heat (1998)
Karen Black as "Rayette Dipesto" in FIVE EASY PIECES
Silver Hammock
Sao Paulo (2006)
[Clouds] (1970)
The Street at the End of the World
Stone Ruin, Baja Mexico (1969-70)
Excerpt from "Of How We Have to Leave Doubts Expectations and the Unachieved"
Fashion, Julia Stegner, photographed by Katja Rahlwes- Purple Fashion #2
The Deserted Crone (Obasute)
Terry Reid - Brave Awakening
Azealia Banks - Runnin'
Saint George (1472)
Started From The Bottom Now We Here pt1 (2014)
Panther Masquerade, Samaga Village, Burkina Faso
Walking Gun (1991)
Sigourney Weaver as "Ripley" in ALIEN
Diamonds in the Sky
Untitled (Ephemera) 13 (2011)
Further explorations of the cube
...and to draw a bright white line with light (Untitled 11.1) 2011
Landscape, (2011). Image courtesy of David Nolan Gallery
Hand B (1939-40)
Le faux miroir (The False Mirror) 1928
Untitled Twins With Mirrors (1974)
Pannonia Boundless played by Voxare Quartet
Alexander Rodchenko & Vladimir Mayakovsky
Michael Chapman - March Rain
Rift #2 (2011)
"I Ams", Chapter 11, Page 1
We Feel Fine, interface in action
Nude from rear (1930)
Trio A
Unnamed Sound Sculpture
Untitled, New York (1959)
Landscape 004 (1989)
Splitting (1974)
Plastic Tree (2014)
Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine
Collage... (Translated from original text in French and Bassaa)
PixCell Zebra no.2, 2009
Textile with Animals, Birds, and Flowers, Eastern Central Asia (late 12th-14th century)