Pyrite in Quartz
Adam and Steve (2012)
Untitled (1967)
Blue Hand, (1983)
Three on The Bed (2003)
Annette Peacock - A Loss of Consciousness
Kusama in her studio, New York, (1963-64). Copyright Yayoi Kusama Studio, Inc.; Courtesy Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo; Victoria Miro Gallery, London; Gagosian Gallery, New York
Alejandro Amenábar - Wakey Wakey
Look At Me (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Tatyana Samojlova as "Veronica" in THE CRANES ARE FLYING
Listening Post: "I Am"
The Goddess Has A Thousand Faces
Danse Serpentine (1896)
Excerpted from "Libre de Droits", published in 2004 by SRO-Kundig in Geneva.
Jason Martin - Patient Zero (For The Sensitive Tail)
Valentina in 1951. Photo by John Lee, Courtesy of Nina Frantzen
Selected Correspondence Letters from Félix González-Torres (1992)
Bodies of Water - Under The Pines
Rail Band - Duga
Big Love
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Nakazora no.955 (2003)
Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions
Amon Düül II - Don't Turn To Stone
NoMoJJoyBubbleGlass (2007)
Antonina Maksimova as "The Mother" in BALLAD OF A SOLDIER
Lunch Poems (1964)
No. 11: Mirror Animations
Bunny Butt Pot, (2012)
Tom Na H-iu, Installation view, Rebirth exhibition at the royal academy of arts in London (2012)
Broadcast in Australia
The Three Graces
Judee Sill - The Kiss
Ad Campaign, Autumn/Winter 1984. Copyright Hans Feurer/Wib
Brigitte Mira as "Emmi Kurowski" in FEAR EATS SOUL
The Weight of Data
Walter Franco - Cachorro Babucho
Untitled (Passport #II) (1993)
Cloud Bank 2 (2010)
Tim Buckley - Happy Time
Fiber Tractography
Untitled - Slip detail, 2007
Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine
Untitled (2008)
Telepathic Elephant Underpants, (2003)
The One Hundred and Thirty Eighth Verse (2011)