Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
Black Pus - Beneath the Wheel
Träd Gräs Och Stenar - I Ljuset Av Din Dag
Photos while on tour by Doug Yule
Houndman vs. Powerpoodle
Untitled (2008)
i want u to know i want u, (2013)
Cedric Im Brooks - Rasta Lead On Version
Spinning Top 4, 2012
Ialas Salandiw
Elevenplay Dance Performance for SonarSound Tokyo Festival
Simone Signoret as "Mathilde" in ARMY OF SHADOWS
Yoko Ono - What A Mess
Ephrem Tamiru - Track 4
In Style This Year, (2009)
The Bow, 1913
Matta '85 (2)
Shari Elf - The Wonders of Me
Diamonds in the Sky
Telepathic Elephant Underpants, (2003)
Maquette for Three Piece No. 3: Vertebrae, (1968), plaster. Copyright Henry Moore Foundation archive
Psychedelic Death Vomit (2010)
INW Composite #1 (2010)
Arthur Russell - Get Around To It
Pippi Zornoza - Vvltvre's myPsychicAbilitieshavesincebecomegrotesque
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Terry Reid - Brave Awakening
Octonaires on the World’s Vanity and Inconstancy
Marpessa Dawn as "Eurydice" in BLACK ORPHEUS
Rancho Santa Fe, California. Master bathroom- photo by François Halard
Dwellers in the Mirage by A. Merritt
Black Rain - Lo Tek
Work Tables and Tischmatten (1983-1993)
The Selenic Shadowdial or the Process of the Lunation, 1646
Zbigniew Preisner - Song For The Unification Of Europe
Danse Serpentine (1896)
Rendering of Tida Dome (2011)
Milton Nascimento - Nuvem Cigana
Un Yéyé en Position (1963)
Excerpt from "Digit"
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Shadow Monsters
Juanita Horsetits (2009)
Holi Festival of Colour
90 Heroes, No.55-63
Untitled nude (1931)
Brigitte Mira as "Emmi Kurowski" in FEAR EATS SOUL
Run Boy Run
Marcel Duchamp
Memorial Day Run, Milwaukee (1966), Excerpted from "The Bikeriders"