The Written Face
Twins (2010)
The Round Wave
Antonina Maksimova as "The Mother" in BALLAD OF A SOLDIER

Les Oursins / Sea Urchins (1928)
Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
John Cale - Half Past France
Yoko Ono - What A Mess
Untitled (1911-13)

Les Amours de la Pieuvre / The Love Life of the Octopus (1967)
Extend 2
This Photograph is My Proof (1967)
Power Animal System: Wolfdogmoon
yv16 (2001)
Source for 'Pearls Before Swine, Flowers Before Flames II' (1990)
Guruguru Eigakan (1998)
Setsuko Hara as "Noriko Somiya" in LATE SPRING
Big Love
Rebecca Forgac, Untitled, 2012-13. Graphite on paper. DETAIL
Mount 7
A Moment's Reflection, Part II
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (2)
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (3)
Excerpt from "Shadow Monsters"
Rustling silk taffeta curtains pool on the floor. Tieback was a collaboration with Declercq Passementiers -Photo by François Halard
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Michael Clark Choreography
Fall-Winter 2010 Haute Couture collection. Photo by Patrick Demarchelier
The Internal Constitution of Stars
Photograph from session done for the third Velvet Underground album, probably at the 47th Street Factory
Embrace (Lovers II), 1917
Eternal Idol (1889), photo by Pierre Vallet
Los Angeles (1997)
September 13, 2001
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (4)
Magic Lamp (from "Hidden Shit", 2010)
Black Pus - Cave of Butterfly
Untitled (2009)
VIOLA (Clip 2)
Excerpt from "Snout"
Congeries, Diffusion, Sublimation, 2008
Listening Earth - Dusk Cicada Chorus, from Sulawesi Heart of the Indonesian Rainforest
Black Death
You’ll Return Tomorrow, Won’t You? (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Jean-Luc Godard - Jamais Je Ne T'Ai Dit Que Je T'Aimerai Toujours
Egungun, Bohican, Benin
Annette Peacock - A Loss of Consciousness
Taken (2011)
Self-Portrait (reflected image in mirror, checqued jacket) (1928)
I (beat (it)) (1980)
John Martyn - May You Never
Lama Gyurme - Six Syllable Mantra Of The White Lotus Lord
Incoming Seas Edge Jan 5 2010 1130-1137 AM No. 5 49403 (2010)
Nicole Kidman as "Satine" in MOULIN ROUGE