enclosed 7, (2011)
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
Songs for Schizoid Siblings
Nervous Cabaret - Grand Palace Of Love
Grace Coddington with the Five Point Cut. Photo by Eric Swayne
Work Tables and Tischmatten (1988-1989)
2 Figures (2)
Tights in Shimotakaido (1987)
The Last Museum (1977)
Predictive Dream XVIII (2011)
Excerpt from "The House of The Spirits (La Casa De Los Espírtus)" (1982)
The Transfinite
Piotr on Couch, (1996)
Holi Festival of Colour
Cy Twombly, Rome, Italy (1995)
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Collection"
Out of Disorder
Digitized felt-tip print (2006) -copyright M.I.A.
Gene Clark - With Tomorrow
Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Planet
Feature Presentation
Jo Van Fleet as "Arletta" in COOL HAND LUKE
Who Is This Idiot?
Parco Commercial Still
The House Is Black, 2008
Thursday 17 December 1998
Souls of Black Folk (2010)
Ava Gardner as "Maxine Faulk" in THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA
Gold Tip
Meditation Red (2013)
Two Lights, 2007
Circular Train B (Flying Steam Locomotive), (1969)
Photo by Derry Moore
Lady Butterfly, (2012)
Simone Signoret as "Mathilde" in ARMY OF SHADOWS
St. Jean Cap Ferrat (1978)
Arthur Russell - A Little Lost
Sunglasses (2)
Blue Movie
The Clash - Straight To Hell [Unedited Version]
Cover for "La Septieme Face Du De" by Georges Hugnet
Black Death
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
No More, No More No More
Bad Advice, (2012)
The Fall - Elves
Heaven Flower Series (2) (1996)
Excerpt from The Written Face, directed by Daniel Schmid
Ennio Morricone - Two Mules For Sister Sara - Main Title
David Lynch - Noah's Ark
Psychedelic Death Vomit (2010)
Francis Lai - Un Homme et Une Femme
Crazy In Love