Half Past France
Ialas Salandiw
Brain Fiber Tractography
Lament For Morning
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
Gene Clark - With Tomorrow
Walter Franco - Cachorro Babucho
Installation El Mar Caribe Ed. 5 (2011)
Shadow Monsters
Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
Amethyst from the series "Minerals", (2013)
Excerpt from Trance performance Zürich 2003
copyright Juergen Teller and Cindy Sherman
Homage to Max Klinger (Huldigung ("Oath") from Paraphrase über den Fund eines Handschuhs ("Paraphrase from the finding of a glove"), (2008)
Elizabeth Taylor as "Martha" in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?
Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy
Guruguru Eigakan (1998)
London (1952)
Excerpt from "Out Of Africa"
In The Grace of Your Love
Bridget's Bardot (2008)
David Lynch - Noah's Ark
Spiraling (The Blood of a Poet) No. 7 (2006)
Eclipse Blue 1
Hall and Oates - Floatation (Sonic Swing Remix)
Varied Actions (1941)
Photo Studio Moscow
Excerpt from "The House of The Spirits (La Casa De Los Espírtus)" (1982)
o.T. (Staircase with mirror)
Excerpt from "Shadow Monsters"
Music Video for "Melodia" by Magnus Helgason
Self-Portrait (reflected image in mirror, checqued jacket) (1928)
"Censorship Causes Blindness", digital artwork, Los Angeles, (2010) & Backup singers in custom XXXO digital print burqas worn on tour throughout (2010-11) -copyright M.I.A.
Ice Dimple, (2013)
Pippi Zornoza - Vvltvre's myPsychicAbilitieshavesincebecomegrotesque
World Music 6
Power Animal System: Trans-trans-itions
A Private Concert - Shot at 3AM in a Holiday Inn Houston (1988)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (2)
Excerpt from Gagarin, Fifth Edition
Trinity Chapel Preliminary sketch (1958)
Untitled (1991)
Annette Peacock - A Loss of Consciousness

Sciathericon Stellarum, 1646
Spirit Message (1843)
Punk-Style graphics in the rock broad sheet FUSION, circa 1970
Star Wars Bar
Jean-Luc Godard - Jamais Je Ne T'Ai Dit Que Je T'Aimerai Toujours
TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer