Music Animation | Clicktrack (with John Foxx)
VIOLA (Clip 4)
White Whole (2011)
In Out
Light of the World, Zanana, Nawalgarh, from India Song, (2008-10)
Early Abstractions No. 10 Mirror Animations (1956-57)
copyright Juergen Teller and Cindy Sherman
An Exercise In Poor Taste Or Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha Cha Heels
The Round Wave
Untitled Twins With Mirrors (1974)
Neko's Nebula
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.2
Untitled from the The Great Wall series, 2010
Run Boy Run
Untitled Shipwreck (the break-up) (2011)
Anne Parillaud as "Nikita" in LA FEMME NIKITA
Fiber Tractography
Poor Boy
Joanna Newsom - Jackrabbits
Chatsworth, Devonshire, England (1995)
Michael Clark Choreography
Black Yarn, 2000
What a Dish!
Excerpt from Gagarin, Fifth Edition (Original text in French)
Active Amethyst Afternoon in Indigo Identity Ideal Ice
Star Wars Bar
Chieko Higashiyama as "Tomi Hirayama" in TOKYO STORY
Pyrite in Quartz
Zen, 5 (RGBD)
Kiss (1887)
Of How We Have to Leave Doubts, Expectations and the Unachieved
Frank O'Hara reads "Having a Coke With You"
High Society (1998)
Untitled, from the series "The Park" (1971)
All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures
Ialas Salandiw
Style My Daughter (2009)
Above the Town (1914-18)
Master Balcony, Wheeler-Ortiz Residence, Venice, CA
Static 16 (2009)
Borderline (new territory) No. 15, (2013)
The Tibetan Stroboscope (1968)