Nuvem Cigana
Mary Simpson & Fionn Meade, IF NOW THEN (2011)
Rockford Kabine - Introduzione
Hedda Gabler (2011). Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey
Charleston Window (I) (1952)
From "Disorder" - at Frac Champagne-Ardenne (2011)
The Cold War (1963-65)
Cheese Gone Bad (1999)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
Self-portrait as a tennis hero, an image that — as my coach would acknowledge — wouldn’t be far from the truth if I would have begun playing earlier in my life. Sadly, I did not, for reasons not quite clear to me; because no-one really pushed me, because the ironic time and place I grew up in were unfriendly to my ambitions, because I was too sensitive and intelligent to lose my mind in the game, because I was always too busy imagining what I could become to actually become something else than a man who has turned his fantasies into who he really, and professionally, is. Whatever happened, my boyish wishes still linger on in my not so private fantasies, and as far as I know they still offer me a sensible, adult way to become whatever I want, in my studio, for example, using the props available, such as the dirty mattress I never sleep on. (2012) Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery
The Fall and Michael Clark
Sexy Robot #12
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.4, 2012
Diamonds in the Sky
Argument Clinic
Leonard Cohen - I Can't Forget
Landscape #2 (2011)
Fountain (2011)
The woman with a tumor in her neck
Black Rain
Hand from Above - Tokyo
Portrait of My Mother 2 (2010) Dependance, Brussels
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
OtogheToghe, Aromgba Village, Nigeria
Blind Self Portrait
Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination
Tongari-Kun (Mister Pointy), Versailles, (2003-2004)
Black Pus - The Wicked West
Original text in the National Ivoryan Alphabet and French
Excerpt from "Remember Be Here Now"
The Round Wave
Excerpt from Mileva
for greta, (2013)
Antonina Maksimova as "The Mother" in BALLAD OF A SOLDIER
The Goddess Has A Thousand Faces
Nakazora no.1174
Sybyl (2011)
Excerpt from Trance performance Zürich 2003
Star Wars Bar
Bodies of Water - Open Rhythms
Tokonoma Series, Outgrow
One Hundred and Eleven, Spring/Summer 2007. Show photographs by Chris Moore
Photograph of a Solar Eclipse at Rivabellosa, Spain, July 18, 1860
Immagini Della Realta (1977-4)
Vogue, 'Debutantes: New Image', April 1st 1965
Jean Louis’ Girlfriend
World Music
Erupting Volcano, Chile (2011)
Self-Portrait (reflected image in mirror, checqued jacket) (1928)
Mime Pot, -side B (2012)
Excerpt from "Snout"