Biennale Danza 2010
CDSea at Night, Long Knoll, Wiltshire, UK (2010)
A Chronicle of Drifting, 1949
Work Tables and Tischmatten (1983-1993)
Figure 2
Canyon de Chelly
Black Pus - Cave of Butterfly
Grace Kelly as "Margot Mary Wendice" in DIAL M FOR MURDER
Saturday 7 August 1999
Karen Black as "Rayette Dipesto" in FIVE EASY PIECES
Hall and Oates - Floatation (Sonic Swing Remix)
Out of Disorder
Excerpt from "Sniff" in Sao Pauolo in daylight
De La Soul - The Bizness (feat. Common)
Night (1914)
Every Tree is the Tree of Life XI, (2012)
Corona from Svalbard
Jo Van Fleet as "Arletta" in COOL HAND LUKE
Rustling silk taffeta curtains pool on the floor. Tieback was a collaboration with Declercq Passementiers -Photo by François Halard
Excerpt from "Of How We Have to Leave Doubts Expectations and the Unachieved"
Kirghiz Tambourine Dojra
Anne Bancroft from Vile Affections (2009)
Autechre - Drone
Brilliant Noise
Franz Schubert - Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. 100 (2nd movement)
Drawing of a visionary dance or march (1853)
Untitled (1987)
Black Rain - Lo Tek
L.A.S.E.R. Tag
Ether Arms (2014)
Sonnet LXVI: I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You
Rancho Santa Fe, California. Master bedroom with Jean-Michel Frank chair and lamp- photo by François Halard
Goat Head 1993-34
90 Heroes, No.37-45
Hollow Duplex, 2009
No More, No More No More
Crazy In Love
Untitled Polaroid (1962-73)
All Things Are Matter
Brunch with the Serpent (2011)
Photo by Barry Lategan
Snow-White Edition 96/100 (2005)
Run Boy Run
Clown Face Cat Pot- side A (2012)
Interior view of Eero Saarinen's 1965 CBS headquarters building in New York -Courtesy of Knoll
Tomorrow - Am I Glad To See You (Outtake)
Frank O'Hara reads "Having a Coke With You"
Mythology of Bean, 2008
Hylas and the Water Nymphs (1910)
Eiffel Tower. La Tour Eiffel Louis Vuitton, 1978 by Jacques-Henri Lartigue
Brigitte Mira as "Emmi Kurowski" in FEAR EATS SOUL
Etchings for Series I (in eight states in black and different colors) (1952-53)