Erupting Volcano, Chile (2011)
Shadow Monsters
Dusty Springfield - No Easy Way Down
Lament For Morning
Sunglasses (1)
Three Attractors Field
Brain Fiber Tractography
Cardboard Computer Workshop
Princesse Elena: Yves Klein's Favorite Model
La Lupa
Hockney Swimming Series 1, 2012
Follow Me
Cheese Gone Bad (1999)
Two Nudes (1941)
Diary of a Shinjuku Thief, (1968)
Alejandro Amenábar - Wakey Wakey
Photo: This Is the Color of My Dreams (1925)
Conical Intersect (1975)
The Floaters - Float On
How They Are (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Serpent of Sulphur
Sunglasses (2)
Pesce, Fall/Winter 2005-2006. Photo by Phillipe Garcia
Archangel Gabriel; The Virgin (ca. 1510)
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
and certainly one of us will grieve, (2013)
Filling in of a Form #12 (Manscape) (2010)
Rift #1 (2011)
Interview with William S. Burroughs (3)
John Gielgud as Mercutio (1935)
White Whores - Hjerte!Munn!Skjede!Begjære!
Fiber Tractography
Laos: Lam Saravane - Nam Phat Khay (Dans Le Courant Du Mékong / In The Current Of The Mekong)
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Elizabeth Taylor as "Maggie Pollitt" in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF
Untitled (2009)
Grace Kelly as "Margot Mary Wendice" in DIAL M FOR MURDER
A Piece of Flat Globe Vol. 20, 2011
Initiés ’88 - Initiés ’99
Excerpt from The Written Face, directed by Daniel Schmid
Défini, Fini, Infini, installed on the roof of Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse in Marseille (2014)
Machine to Keep a Feather in the Air
TV animation | BBC Radio Scotland | Foggie Bummer
Ver Sacrum
Untitled (1969)
Broadcast in Australia
Oh.. (2008)
Bruno Martinazzi, Eco Ring (1992)
Untitled (Condoleezza Rice) (2008)
Untitled, (2013)
Piano Concerto No. 3 (Played by Vladimir Horowitz)
Twin Pines, Level Distance (ca. 1310)
The Three Graces
Johann Sebastian Bach - Siciliana - Sonata BWV 1031 2nd Movement
Yucatan Mirror Displacements (1969)
Apartment A, Unit 2, Corridor and Staircase, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA (detail) 2011-2014
Isabel Telleria as "Isabel" in THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE