Eric Malmberg - Språk och tankestrukturer
SHOKO Le MIKANNE Shoko Nakagawa
Black Death
Tulip (1940)
Before Minus Now, Spring/Summer 2000. Show photographs by Chris Moore
Silent Scream, Excerpt from the film "Baraka"
Air Quality -Video Still. (2012) Sound by Luke Fischbeck
Pop Magazine (2014)

Pas de Deux
Zephyrus Image - Ford (1970)
Mirror (1921)
Laura Keil dancing during the making of Unnamed Soundsculpture
David Lynch - Noah's Ark
Radial Arm Saw-Cut Sculpture, Quincy Mass (1959)
Jerry (1931)
Poetic Cosmos Of The Breath (2007)
Fugue Shinoda Tōkō (1984)
The Moment of Creation (2011)
Saint John the Baptist; Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata (ca. 1485-90)
Interior of the Earth, 1678
Embrace (Lovers II), 1917
The House Is Black, 2008
Heart Sutra, (1981)
Vase of Peonies (1902)
McFadden Modeling Turqoise Tibetan Earrings. courtesy of Mary McFadden
Broadcast - Bit 35
Nude with Camellia (1950)
Excerpt from "A Joseph Campbell Companion"
Yesterday is dead and gone (2011)
Reaction to "Hand From Above"
Now Love is For You (2013)
VIOLA (Clip 4)
Collage... (Translated from original text in French and Bassaa)
Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Planet
When (2011)
Scott Walker - Duchess
Vladimir Horowitz in London
Piss Göttin -excerpt
Mary Quant London Poster, (2003)
Work Tables and Tischmatten (1997-2004)
Look At Me (Translated from Estonian by H.L. Hix)
Your Colour Perception (2015)
Stream, 2012
#25 (1967)
SoftCreamy, (2004)
Rain Room Interventions
Untitled (2014)
Longwood Gardens, Field of Light, PA (2012)
Still for Variety (1983)