Keith Hudson - Trust and Believe
Marcos Valle - Vôo Cego
Broadcast and The Focus Group - #1 : Witch Cults
The Dream
Dusty Springfield - No Easy Way Down
Black Yarn, 2000
Untitled, from the series "The Park" (1971)
Mariangela Melato as "Rafaella Pavone Lanzetti" in SWEPT AWAY
Karl Lagerfeld (2008)
Stranger in a Strange Land
White Nights (2008)
Cover for "Caesar's Gate Poems" by Robert Duncan (1949-50)
White Whores - Hjerte!Munn!Skjede!Begjære!
Semina No 6
Neues Museum, Weimar II (2006)
Printed (2010) from "Disorder", at Frac Champagne-Ardenne (2011)
Rebecca Forgac, Herkimer, 2012. Graphite on paper DETAIL
Marcel Duchamp Tonsur (rear view) (1921)
John Stewart - Shackles And Chains
Mortal Engine

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Barbara Valentin as "Barbara" in FEAR EATS SOUL
Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture
When I Hold You, I Hold Your Heart (2012)
Barnett Newman's "Broken Obelisk" and the Rothko Chapel
ABX-Xtra Key (1990)
Process Journal (2008-09)
Twin Pines, Level Distance (ca. 1310)
Crazy In Love
The woman with a tumor in her neck
Installation view, January 1991, Mary Boone Gallery. Photo by Zindman/Fremont
Good night, my darling. I hope there is no endless rain in my dream (1)
Consumer Art (1972)
Gun Level (2014)
The B-52's - Debbie
The Goddess Has A Thousand Faces
Infinite Crystals, (2013)
The Real Blues, (2009)
Small Cloud Box (1966)
Small Pleasures (1913)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2)
Arthur Russell - Home Away From Home
Vidal Sassoon with Grace Coddington. Photo by David Bailey
May (c.1912-14)
The Sonnets C Press (1964)
Första kalaset på EDLUND [First feast on EDLUND] (1955)
Owl (2010)