Lama Gyurme

Lama Gyurme is a Buddhist monk and musician and was born in 1948 in Bhutan. At the age of 20, he followed his first spiritual retreat of three years, three months and three days, necessary to the formation of Lama, at the monastery of Sonada in India of which the director is Kalu Rinpoche. During this retreat, he was given the title of "Oumze" — master of music — by Kalu Rinpoche. After a stay at the monastery of Rumtek in Sikkim, he fulfilled his religious education in Bhutan before obtaining his diploma of teacher of the Kagyupa tradition that was given to him by the 16th Karmapa. He has lived in France since 1974 and is the director of the Kagyu-Dzong center in Paris, and since 1982, the Vajradhara-Ling center in Normandy.


Lama Gyurme is featured in Edition: Refresh!

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