Minotaure was a Surrealist-oriented magazine founded by Albert Skira and first published in Paris in 1933. Each edition of Minotaure had a specially designed cover and featured contributions from artists, writers, philosophers, critics, and psychoanalysts, with the goal of having all articles read as a collection work. Contributors included Salvador Dalí, Jacques Lacan, Georges Bataille, Kurt Veil, René Magritte, André Masson, Joan Miró, and many others. The onset of World World II caused the magazine to cease publication in 1939.


Minotaure is featured in Edition: Out of Print

Diego Rivera, Minotaure No. 12-13 (1939)
Max Ernst, Minotaure No 11 (1938)
André Derain, Minotaure No. 3-4 (1933)
Joan Miró, Minotaure No. 7 (1935)
Francisco Borés, Minotaure No. 5 (1934)
Henri Matisse, Minotaure No. 9 (1936)
Marcel Duchamp, Minotaure No. 6 (1934)
Pablo Picasso, Minotaure No. 1 (1933)
Salvador Dalí, Minotaure No. 8 (1936)