Christoph Fink

Christoph Fink calls his journeys by various means, by bicycle, train, aeroplane or by foot, ‘movements’. The in-between, the experiences between the point of departure and the destination of these journeys are of more interest than their objective. Journeys are processes of research which pursue questions such as: What is happening to me physically and spiritually here and now? Whom am I encountering here and now? What image does the sky reveal here and now? These questions are answered by handwritten notes, acoustic recordings or by computer statistics. The simultaneous and successive events overlap, become manifest on closely written, small slips of paper. Experiences in the countryside, in the city, in nature are witnessed by installations composed of photographs, drawings, diagrams and sculptures. They form an inventory based on measurements and figures, and simultaneously formulate questions concerning the dimensions of time, space and the relationship of humans to their environment. -Meike Behm.   Excerpt from Gagarin, Sixth Edition (

Christoph Fink was born in Ghent in 1963. He has shown internationally at a number of galleries including Witte de With in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the Venice Biennale in Italy, and The Drawing Center in New York. He currently resides in Ghent and Brussels.

Christoph Fink is featured in Edition: Out Of This World

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