Guido Mocafico

Guido Mocafico was born in Switzerland in 1962. He specializes in still life photography and works regularly for international magazines such as Numèro, Paris Vogue, Big, The Face, Self-Service, and Wallpaper. He has also undertaken numerous advertising campaigns for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, Shiseido, and Hermès. Mocafico continues to explore aesthetic and scientific themes in nature. He lives in Paris. In 2005, Steidl published his book “Venenum”, showing pictures of jellyfish, snakes, and tarantulas. Earlier this year, he exhibited Guns and Roses at Hamilton’s Gallery in London.

Images first appeared in “Medusa”, published by Steidl in 2006.

Guido Mocafico is featured in Edition: Out Of This World and Edition: Paradise Found

Dedroaspis Viridis (2003)
Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka, Enoploteuthis Veranii (2013)
Tima Formosa (2001)
Naja Nigricollis (2003)
Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka, Physalia Pelagica (2013)
Dendroaspis Angusticeps (2003)
Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka, Beccaria Tricolor (2013)
Pampropeltis Pyromelana (2002)
Phyllorhiza Punctata (2002)
Epicrates Cenchria Cenchria (2002)
Lampropeltis Getula Californiae (2002)
Aurelia aurita (2006)
Chrysaora achlyos (2006)
Chrysaora melanaster (2006)
Olindias formosa (2006)
Rhizostoma (2006)