Pippi Zornoza

Pippi Zornoza is an artist, musician, performer and co-founder of the Dirt Palace in Providence, Rhode Island. Her printmaking work has been exhibited in the United States as well as Japan, Argentina, Columbia and Sweden, and was published in the art-poster anthology, The Art of Modern RockPippi is known for her frightening performance style, which manifests the undernourished expression of female power. In March 2008 a MOMA sponsored show at P.S.1 featured Zornoza's work alongside then-current Dirt Palace artists. In 2004 she formed the musical performance project Bonedust, with musician/composer Chrissy Wolpert. Bonedust toured the US in 2006 and is featured in the Corleone Records 10 year anniversary DVD "Everything I own is Either Broken or Bent". Formed out of a mutual period of desperation, VVLTVRE, a collaboration with Annapurna Himal Wagner, began performing in 2007. Pippi is also the star in the cult movie classic, Die You Zombie Bastards, directed by Caleb Emerson.

Courtesy of the artist.

Pippi Zornoza is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Price Latimer Agah

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Fruit of the Ash (2011)
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