Alfred Planco

Alfred Planco is simply a country boy, born and raised in Manhattan and currently residing in Brooklyn. He is a teacher, an artist, and an urban farmer. Currently, Alfred teaches art to youth involved in the juvenile justice system through the organization Artistic Noise (  Alfred creates, prints and sells books that include text and graphic collage, photography, poetry and children's stories. He is inspired by things found, as well as New York City.

Courtesy of the artist.

Alfred Planco is featured in Edition: Small Wonder

"The Edge", Page 8
"The Edge", Page 9
"The Edge", Page 10
"The Edge", Page 11
"I Ams", Chapter 1
"I Ams", Chapter 1, Page 1
"I Ams", Chapter 1, Page 2
"I Ams", Chapter 2, Page 1
"I Ams", Chapter 4, Page 2
"I Ams", Chapter 7, Page 1
"I Ams", Chapter 11, Page 1
"I Ams", Chapter 11, Page 2
"I Ams", Chapter 13, Page 2