Félix González-Torres

Félix González-Torres was born in Cuba in 1957. He graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute of Art and an MFA from New York University and the International Center of Photography. He has exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum and Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Serpentine Gallery in London, the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, and the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. He passed away in 1996. The Félix González-Torres Foundation was created in 2002 “to foster an appreciation for the work of Félix González-Torres among the general public, scholars, and art historians.” His work is represented by the Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Excerpted from "Felix Gonzalez-Torres", published by steidldangin in 2006.



Félix González-Torres is featured in Edition: Small Wonder and Edition: Guest Editor, Stephan Breuer

Untitled (1992-3)
Untitled (Aparicion) (1991)
Untitled (Death By Gun) (1990)
Untitled (Orpheus, Twice) (1991)
Untitled (Passport #II) (1993)
Untitled (Passport) (1991)
Untitled (Sand) (1993-94)
Untitled (1987)
"Untitled (1989-90)", "Untitled (March 5th) #2, 1991", "Untitled (Double Portrait) (1991)", "Untitled (Orpheus, Twice) (1991)", and "Untitled (Revenge) (1991)" (clockwise from foreground)
Untitled (1993)
Selected Correspondence Letters from Félix González-Torres (1992)