Brion Gysin

During his lifetime, Brion Gysin embraced a myriad of artistic forms, producing paintings, drawings, photo-collages, installations, poetry, film, and sound recordings, often taking his chosen medium in new and unexpected directors while influencing the work of others. Perhaps best known among Gysin’s many creations are the Cut-Up Method, which he explored with his lifelong friend and collaborator William S. Burroughs, and the Dreamachine, a kinectic sculpture developed with Ian Sommerville that uses the “flicker” effect to induce visions in those who allow its light to play on their closed eyelids. Since his death, Gysin’s work has only increased in popularity, and he continues to inspire an array of artists, writers, poets, and musicians.

Images originally appeared in Dream Machine, by Laura Hoptman with contributions by John Geiger, Gérard Audinet, James Grauerholz, Lauren Cornell, and Amy Mackie, exhibition booklet for the New Museum, published by Merrell in 2010.

Brion Gysin is featured in Edition: Refresh!

Untitled (1941)
Self Portrait (1961)
W.S. Burroughs in Front of the Beat Hotel (1961-64)
Untitled (1959)
Les Chansons de Marrakesh (1962)
Untitled (Dreammachine) (1964)
Untitled (Dreammachine) (1963)
The Last Museum (1974)
The Last Museum (1977)
The Last Museum (1977)
The Last Museum (1977)