NNCK is a seven-member free-form improvisational musical collective based in Harlem, New York. Formed in 1992, NNCK was initially inspired by the Louisville cum NYC art rock of Circle X, as well as underground groups like Royal Trux and Harry Pussy. NNCK came to embrace, among other things, Jean Crotti and Susanne Duchamp’s Tabu, Japanese ghost mythology, LSD and psychedelic consciousness, lovecraftian phantasmagoria, and Kasmir Malevitch’s suprematism. NNCK has published over 30 LPs and CDs in the US and abroad, on labels including Alga Marghen, Locust Music, 5RC, Staubgold, Ecstatic Peace!, SERES, and their own S@1 imprint. Their latest release is "YTIU" LP (kelippah), in part a meditation on the life and death of Pink Floyd founding member Richard Wright.


NNCK is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Bryan Leitgeb

Ialas Salandiw