Tantra Song

The rare lineage of Tantric art evolves from 17th century, hand-written and illustrated religious treatises, which were copied over many generations. The process of painting these works is part of a spiritual practice, and the paintings have specific qualities to guide private meditation. The contemporary result is a distinct visual lexicon used to awaken heightened states of consciousness. The works are anonymously made in India. Once created, they are pinned up and anointed for use as spiritual objects, then discarded once aged and faded.

This collection of rare and abstract Tantric paintings came from the journey of Franck André Jamme to India over 25 years ago. Jamme is one of France's leading contemporary poets and authors and specializes in "art brut", the tantric and tribal art of India. He has curated and contributed to exhibitions in such places as The Drawing Center in New York City, and Centre Pompidou and Beaux-Arts de Paris in France.

Excerpted from "Tantra Song: Tantric Painting From Rajasthan", due out by Siglio Press in Spring 2012.

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Tantra Song is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Bryan Leitgeb

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