Jeneleen Floyd

Jeneleen Floyd was born in 1978 in rural Missouri. She received a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art for Painting and Fine Arts. After leaving her studies she traveled to Europe briefly living in Italy before settling in Los Angeles. Jeneleen then moved to London where she started working on the "Some Remote Sea" project, a format where she could explore the surrealist aspects of her work. Heavily influenced by the "Automatism" techniques of Andre Breton and William S. Burroughs, Floyd applies the same concepts to her collage and animation work. Never working with a specific image in mind, Floyd cuts hundreds of pieces of paper allowing the materials and the subconscious to create a narrative. Often the images that manifest from beyond speak of mythology, mysticism and sexuality. She currently resides in Los Angeles, completing a body of work for her first solo show.

Jeneleen Floyd is featured in Edition: Festivus

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