Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser was born in the Netherlands in 1972. He frequently uses existing photographs and archives or reconstructs them as alternative realities in his work. Hauser’s photos have been published in numerous magazines, including Picnic Magazine, Capricious, Blend, Slash Magazine and Mister Motley. His work has been exhibited across Europe and the United States. In 2008 Galerie Spaarnestad in Haarlem invited him to make new work based on the famous press archives of Spaarnestad Photo, which resulted in the exhibition and book De Luister van het land (The Lustre of the land).

Courtesy of the artist.


Koen Hauser is featured in Edition: Refresh!

Untitled (Ephemera) 1 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 2 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 3 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 4 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 5 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 6 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 7 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 8 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 9 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 10 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 11 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 12 (2011)
Untitled (Ephemera) 13 (2011)