Anton Bragaglia

Anton Bragaglia was born in Frosinone, Lazio in 1890. A visionary of Italian Futurist photography and cinema, Bragaglia began his work in film and photography after working as an assistant director learning from directors Mario Caserini and Enrico Guazzoni. He opened his own art gallery, the Casa d'art Bragaglia, in 1918, which featured works by modernists such as Balla, Depero, De Chirico, Boccioni, Klimt and Kandinsky. He wrote several lectures and pamphlets regarding Futurism and opened his own theater company in 1922, directing over fifty productions. He passed away in Rome in 1960.

Anton Bragaglia is featured in Edition: Lunacy

Typist (Dattilografa), 1911
Photodynamic Portrait of a Woman, 1924
The Slap, 1913
The Bow, 1913