Daphne Oram

Born in 1925, Daphne Oram was a British electronic musician and composer. Creator of the "Oramics" technique in electronic sound, Oram was educated at the Sherborne School for Girls and was offered a place at the Royal College of Music in 1942. Instead of attending, the talent took at position as a sound engineer and music balancer at the BBC. During this time she began experimenting with synthetic sounds and tape recorders in addition to composing music. Her electronic compositions won her acclaim for play soundtracks and she soon installed her own studio, Oramics Studios for Electronic Composition in Tower Folly. She was awarded a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation to support her developments in the "Oramics" sound technique. She passed away in 2003.


Daphne Oram is featured in Edition: Lunacy

Pulse Persephone (Alternate Parts)
Light Music (Excerpt)
Oddments (Excerpt)
Pulse Experiment