František Drtikol

František Drtikol was born in Příbram, in the area that is now the Czech Republic, on March 3, 1883. Drtikol is known for his work as a photographer and invention of a half-tone photolithographic process. He was exceptionally creative in his approach towards lighting, and the relationship between light and shade played an important role in his photographic work. His most famous work is characterized by the juxtaposition of the nude female figure with large, geometric objects. Drtikol referred to his work as "Photopurism, a sort of abstract photography". In 1935, Drtikol gave up photography in favor of painting and the study of Oriental philosophy, occultism, and theosophy. He passed the final years of his life in retirement and philosophical meditation, until his death on January 13, 1961, in Prague.

František Drtikol is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Wes Gordon

Wave II (1925)
Untitled (1934)
Untitled (1929)
Thorns (1927)
Photopurism (World of the Soul) (1934)
Nude (1929)
Fantasy (1930-33)
Construction (ca 1925)
Circles and Prisms (1927)