Josef Sudek

Josef Sudek was born on March 17, 1896, in Kolín, Bohemia. He originally apprenticed as a bookbinder; however, he lost an arm during World War I and was unable to pursue this career path. He soon picked up the skill of photography and earned his living with this art. Some of his more famous series include interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral, Glass Labyrinths, Memories, and Autumn in Stromovka Park. The first book of his work was published in Prague in 1956. Sudek passed away in Prague on September 15, 1976.

Josef Sudek is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Wes Gordon

Barok (1935)
Gotika a Barok
Hlava empirové sochy
Impluvium Pražského hradu (1946)
Komposice (1951)