Karen Knorr

Photographer Karen Knorr was born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in San Jan, Puerto Rico in the 1960s. She was educated in Paris and London and has resided in England since the 1970s. She is currently Professor of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. She is well known for her series Gentlemen (1981-83), which was photographed in Saint James's clubs in London and delves into the patriarchal conservative values of Britain during the Falklands war. Her work continued to evolve into a playful critique and dialogue regarding contemporary documentary photography. Knorr began to incorporate staged events and other artificial elements into her photographs of architectural interiors, such as Chiswick House and Osterley park. This line of thinking continues in her use of digital collage, placing animals, objects, and actors in museums and architectural sites. By photographing animals in human and intellectual spaces, Knorr's Fables series (2004-2008) draws attention to the unbridged gap between nature and culture. After visiting Rajasthan, India in 2008, Knorr began to focus on the cultural sites in the area. This new interest is evident in her latest series, India Song (2008-12), which places animals in traditional male and female spaces.


Karen Knorr is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Wes Gordon

The Queen's Room, Zanana, Udaipur City Palace, from India Song (2008-10)
The Maharaja's Apartment, Udaipur City Palace, from India Song (2008-10)
The Green Bedroom Louis XVI, Musée Carnavalet, from Fables (2003-8)
The Corridor, Musée Carnavalet, from Fables (2003-8)
Ledoux's Reception, Musée Carnavalet, in Fables (2003-8)
Light of the World, Zanana, Nawalgarh, from India Song, (2008-10)
Flight to Freedom, Durbar Hall, Dungarpur, from India Song (2008-10)
Avatars of Devi, Zanana, Samode Palace, from India Song (2008-10)