Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton was born in 1965 in Danbury, Connecticut. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1987 and was a classmate of Tom Burr. She is most well known for her painted and drawn portraits of famous figures and personal friends, many of which take on an androgynous identity. Peyton and Tom Burr were both represented by Colin de Land at American Fine Arts. Her work is in many museum collections across the globe. Peyton has also made portraits of the Berlin gallerist, Alexander Schroeder, who represents Tom Burr, Josephine Pryde, Ull Hohn, Nick Mauss, and Hilary Lloyd and also owns Gordon Matta-Clark's Sauna, and she currently lives and works in Berlin.

Elizabeth Peyton was published by Rizzoli New York in November 2005. It was compiled by the artist and chronicles ten years of her work, exhibitions, and inspirations. It features contributions from Steve Lafreniere, Dave Hickey, and Roberta Smith and an introduction by Matthew Higgs.

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Elizabeth Peyton is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Tom Burr and Edition: Rizzoli: New York

Piotr on Couch, (1996)
Martin Creed, (1999)
Liam, (1996)
L.A. (E.P.), 2004
Kurt, (1995)
Jarvis on Bed, (1996)
Alizarin Kurt, (1995)
Ken and Nick (Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss) 2005
Alexander (Alexander Schroeder) - Berlin, 2009
Alexander (Alexander Schroeder) - Berlin, 2009
EP (2012)