Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon is a Canada-France-Internet based artist member of the online art collective Computers Club. Nicolas recently presented in collaboration with artist Sara Ludy his new on-going project WALLPAPERS, curated by Lindsay Howard at 319 Scholes NYC; a site-specific installation of 3000 square-feet, where both artists displayed a selection of their digital works in the manner of animated wallpapers, covering the walls of the exhibition space and responding to the architecture. Nicolas has also shown in various international venues and events such as the Miami Art Fair (US), the Tokyo Art Fair (JP), Today Art Museum (CN), Every Letter in the Alphabet (CA), Charles H.Scott Gallery (CA), TINBOX Contemporary Art Gallery (FR), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE), and MU Eindhoven (NL).

Courtesy of the artist.

Nicolas Sassoon is featured in Edition: Refresh!

Mount 7
Mount 8
Mount 9
Mount 15
Mount 21