The first time Dream The End has created an interactive art piece for an edition, the LOVE EDITION features animated heart gifs requested by our users in an ongoing social experiment. Similar to scratching a heart on a bench, or scrawling a secret crush on a bathroom wall, users who submit dedications to us will have their heart as part of our LOVE EDITION forever.

to: Pizza Slices from: 4a.m.
to: Qaiso from: Lara
to: East Village from: Apartment 22
to: Fairy from: CC
to: Karla from: Val Kilmer (From: Heat)
to: Gino from: PB
to: Larry & Glo from: Bug
to: Mauricio from: 2122556570
to: Kim from: Con
to: Alter Ego from: Trixie
to: Challenge from: Up Yours
to: Dandoun from: Your Favorite Sis
to: Focus from: ADD
to: Quitter from: The Pope
to: Sheldon from: Elanor
to: Laroosh from: Dana
to: My Past Life from: My Karma
to: Pole Dancers from: Respect
to: He who must not be named from: Harry Potter
to: Mikboos from: Jiggaboo
to: You from: Me
to: Ariane Edjtemai from: Faisal Abu Matar
to: Bunzofsteel from: Angeleyes
to: Lorenzo from: DaGloria
to: Baby from: 1492
to: Bano from: Trixie
to: Boy on Subway from: Skirt Girl
to: Dragongirl from: Mr. Softee
to: Jolla from: M+M
to: Loo from: Little Nose
to: Nudi from: The Only People Who Call You That
to: PJ from: Ur One & Only
to: Russ + Anna from: New York
to: Shaw Woo Zon from: Your Sis
to: Marina from: Hani
to: David from: Tina
to: Ali & Coco from: Mary Ora
to: Mami from: Banboon
to: HGK from: ST
to: Lilo from: Anne Kamilla
to: The Wolfpack from: AC
to: Mumi from: Annemor
to: Ingrid from: Anne Kamilla
to: Yan Zhang from: Simone Li
to: MJ from: Miss Millicent & Gramps
to: Saber Tooth from: Microcosm
to: Lover Boy from: The Believer
to: Killer Thighs from: Pump It Up
to: Chillin from: Hectic
to: Beautiful Zhopa from: Petrushka
to: Doug from: Jeanette
to: Andy from: Mai
to: Zifan from: Shijia
to: Ralf from: Esko
to: Mimi from: Susu
to: Aslan from: Kaplan
to: Satan from: Your Most Humble and Loyal Servant, Big Al
to: Mari from: Ricardo
to: Hunk39 from: Gal51
to: David from: Buhbee
to: Alice from: Joan
to: Pooh from: Piggie
to: My Future Ride Or Die from: Lonely Brooklynite
to: Mimi From: Linds Linds
to: Lovable Bastard from: A Lost Boy
to: Bing W from: Kaimin
to: Catherine C from: NMV
to: Will from: Lisa
to: Naf From: Yum
to: Nadine from: Favorite Roommate
to: KK from: Allie
to: Butterfly from: Buttercup
to: Future Boyfriend from: Carol
to: Vasi P. from: Dream The End
to: Steel Crotch from: Raptor
to: Price L. A. from: Dream The End
to: Ali from: Coco
to: Pablo Esobar from: Cokie Smurf
to: Nicole W. from: Dream The End
to: Ms. Strebel from: Dream The End
to: Markus from: Melissa
to: Marina from: Mimi
to: Leor G. from: Dream The End
to: John S. from: Dream The End
to: Future Husband from: Ur Wife
to: Christian Boy from: Desperate Girl
to: Chocolada from: Pinko
to: Amrosas from: Alo
to: Party Boy from: NYC
to: Alex J. from: Dream The End