Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has toured the world as a spoken word artist, as frontman for both GRAMMY-nominated Rollins Band and Black Flag–and without a microphone. Henry's spoken word performances–"talking shows," as he calls them–are a seamless (yet seemingly extemporaneous) mix of humor and outrage; pop culture, political commentary and personal anecdote; healthy skepticism and rugged optimism. When he's not living out of a backpack, he is constantly at work as an actor, radio DJ, author of more than 25 books, and running his publishing company and record label 2.13.61. He earned a GRAMMY award in 1994 for Best Spoken Word or Non-Musical Album for his reading of his classic punk-rock travelogue Get in the Van. In recent years he has hosted several TV shows for National Geographic, including 2012's three-part series Animal Underworld with Henry Rollins. He currently hosts a weekly radio show on L.A.'s renowned NPR affiliate KCRW, and is a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia. In January 2013, Henry celebrated the 200th broadcast of his weekly KCRW show. Billed as "a great mix of all kinds from all over from all time," his show airs Saturday nights from 8-10pm pacific time, and streams online at KCRW.com.

Henry Rollins was nominated by Mike Mills.


Henry Rollins in KCRW Studio
January 26, Hour 1 -excerpt 1
January 26, Hour 1 -excerpt 2
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January 12, Hour 1 -excerpt 3
January 5, Hour 2 -excerpt 1
January 5, Hour 2 -excerpt 2
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December 15, Hour 1 -excerpt 1
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December 15, Hour 1 -excerpt 3