John Moloney

John Moloney, came blasting out of Everett, Massachusetts in the 1990s as a founding member of avant-psyche improv rock experimentalist group Sunburned Hand of the Man (formerly known as Shit Spangled Banner). Still extant today with a fluctuating nucleus of members, the troupe has recorded hundreds of documents in all media as well as tours from Biloxi to Belfast. John is also a current member of the bands Chelsea Light Moving, Caught on Tape, Rat Power, Local Gyro and Hush Arbors. In tandem with his musical adventures, John has progressively engaged himself in the disciplines of narrative and neo-surrealist drawing and printmaking. His work has been featured in various group exhibitions and select album covers such as the inner gatefold of Sonic Youth's The Eternal LP.

John Moloney was nominated by Thurston Moore.

messiah hot dog, (2013)
hectic, (2012)
need these people, (2012)
bootfucked, (2013)
morbid - by John Moloney and Greta Svalberg, (2013)
for greta, (2013)
never loved her, (2012)
whips and chains, (2013)
grimace, (2013)
dude10, (2012)
chelsea light moving tshirt, (2012)
deadhead #3, (2012)
deadhead #5, (2012)
deadhead #2, (2012)
deadhead #4, (2012)
Chelsea Light Moving, "Alighted"
Cosmic Hallways, "North by Northeast"
Hush Arbors, "Prayer of Forgetfulness"
Local Gyro, "Shotgun Shack"
Rat Power, "Cyberfuck"
Sunburned Hand of the Man, "Action Figure"