Karin Gulbran

Karin Gulbran lives in Hollywood, CA. She received her BFA degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1996 and an MFA degree in painting from UCLA in 1999. Regarding her recent move into ceramics, Karin says, "Bowls are like heads so it seems natural that they should have faces. Eye Bowls for drinking are also a mask. Larger forms can hold flowers, mail or empty space. They are an outlet for some of my animistic tendencies, personal symbols and a place to exorcize the Cats."

Karin Gulbran was nominated by Matthew Higgs.

Bunny Butt Pot, (2012)
Clown Face Cat Pot- side A (2012)
Eye Bowl, (2012)
Group on Bench
Group with: Reversible Vase with Surrealist and Ritual Cat, Large Goblet Form with Surrealist Cat-Leg-Hands, and Eye Bowls, (2012)
Mime Pot, -side B (2012)
Reversible Vase with Surrealist and Ritual Cat, (2012)