Matthew E. White

The world of Matthew E. White unfolded out of the mingled sands of Virginia Beach and Manila, the youngest son in a family that raised him barefoot between the blurred racket of that far eastern jungle city. He was born into an already deep sonic archaeology: the dusts of the Delta had swirled into Rock and Roll. King Tubby was dubbing. Terry Riley was overdubbing. Caetano Veloso had just turned 40. Muddy Waters was just about gone. Jimmy Cliff had sung "Many Rivers to Cross", and so had Harry Nilsson, and White shared this common inheritance and out of it he stitched his own flag out of it. His debut album Big Inner,  begins with "One of These Days -- looking in, up, and over in its declarations of love. It is about waking up next to someone, or feeling the wood of the church pew on your back. Recorded in Richmond, VA, White's home and the epicenter of Spacebomb, the label and adjacent group of musicians radiating from a core House Band, Big Inner forms a new history in seven songs. Strings, horns, piano, perfect bass, ripping guitar, and heart-racing percussion help tell the story. I am a barracuda, I am a hurricane. You don't need the seven-voice choir chasing White's voice to make you believe it, but it sure doesn't hurt.

Matthew E. White was nominated by Nigel House.

Will You Love Me
Big Love
Brazos (Live at Hopscotch Music Festival 2012)
Steady Pace (Bowlegs Live Session)
Cover of I'll Be Home, Randy Newman
Cover of Games People Play, by Joe South