Cosmo MacDonald

Cosmo MacDonald is an emerging British artist and former model. Son of an English painter and Australian botanist, Cosmo grew up in Tuscany before moving to the beach town of Byron Bay in Australia when he was eleven. He relocated to London after finishing his studies to immerse himself in the art world and youth culture - he has been based there ever since, along with his brother Toto, a musician who plays in the band SPLASHH. Cosmo accidentally fell into modeling after being scouted at a supermarket, and went on to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia and in campaigns for Trussardi and Puma. Cosmo's passion for photography began as a young boy, when his father gave him a camera: "I remember watching him as little kid photographing his big canvases outside ... looking onto Tuscan fields. That really inspired me. There were always cameras around." While he has only been painting for a couple of years, the self-taught artist's wild, abstract style has already impressed a number of London galleries, and his paintings have drawn comparisons with the colorful large-scale works of Matisse and Picasso. Cosmo is currently working on a commission for Purple magazine, as well as the artists' collective Golden Pirates Group Exhibition in Clapton. He is hoping to host his first solo show at the end of 2013.

SWAN, 2012
Sandy in New York, 2012
Running Woman, 2012
mater natura, 2012
Blue Rose, 2013
Portofino, 2013
PICA, 2012
Polly Brown, 2012
Playing in Garden, 2012
Boy & Girl Sitting Under Yellow Tree, 2013
Rooster, 2012
Man Thinking, 2013
Dancers, 2012
Man In Field, 2012
Sardegna, 2013
Splashh Collage, 2012
Hockney Swimming Series 1, 2012
The Mind of Toto, 2012. Photo by Theo De Gueltz and artwork by Cosmo MacDonald
Anima Projections, 2012
Untitled, 2011