Dmitry Borshch

Dmitry Borshch is an American artist of Soviet origin. He was born in Dnepropetrovsk, studied in Moscow and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has exhibited internationally at Brecht Forum, the National Arts Club, Exit Art, CUNY Graduate Centre, ISE Cultural Foundation and Frieze Art Fair. Last year, Dmitry was awarded the National Arts Club award for graphics.

Dmitry Borshch is featured in Edition: Come & Play

The Making of Brothers, (2010)
Betrothal of the Virgins, (2009)
fashy, (2011)
Blue Architects, (2009)
The Budding Patriarch, (2009)
Wildbirds Among Branches, (2008)
Fencing on the Gallows Tree, (2009)
Daughters of the Dust, or also called, The Undertaker's Pale Children, (2010)
The Loaded Kiss (Dmitry Borshch and Leemour Pelli), (2011)
A Mining Archer, from the triptych "Of Womanhood", (2009)