Kasper Sonne

Kasper Sonne is a Danish-born artist living and working in New York City and Copenhagen. He holds a BA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, and explores various art forms including painting, sculpture and installation. Sonne has exhibited widely at institutions and galleries internationally, including Palais de Tokyo, Paris; SAPS museum, Mexico City; SALTS, Basel; Den Frie – Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen; Primo Piano, Paris; Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen; Seventeen Gallery, London; and Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna. He recently had a solo exhibition entitled "Zero Emotional Content" at The Hole, New York City. In 2014, Sonne will be featured in shows in Copenhagen, Utah, and Paris. His work has been featured in magazines such as Artforum, Art In America and Flash Art.


Kasper Sonne is featured in Edition: Come & Play

All Information Is Subject To Change, Installation view, SALTS, Basel, (2013)
All Their Lies Are True, Installation View, Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen, (2013)
Borderline (new territory) No. 15, (2013)
TXC10, (2013)
Four Letter Words, (2006)
Untitled (my sin), (2009)
Temporal Structure (xxx), (2009)
TXC06, (2013)
Borderline (new territory) No. 9, (2012)
Untitled (escape), (2009)
Untitled Sign No. 2, (2008)
Untitled (body parts) No. 8, (2013)
Borderline (new territory) No. 16, (2013)