Sarada Ravindra

Sarada Ravindra was born in New York to Indian immigrant parents. She graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts and went on to attend law school at the University of Miami. Ravindra currently lives and works in Manhattan, making art that uses geometric patterns and bold colors to explore ideas of texture, shape and structure.

Sarada Ravindra is featured in Edition: Come & Play

Continuum, (2012)
Eruption, (2013)
Stones IV, (2013)
Imprison, (2012)
Read My Lips IV, (2013)
Contained II (diptych), (2012)
Unity II, (2012)
Continuum IV, (2012)
Untitled, (2013)
Disconnect (triptych), (2012)
Blind II, (2013)
Being Blue, (2013)