Stephan Breuer

Stephan Breuer is a French artist primarily concerned with the immaterial. With the vision to create a radically new reality he leads the Flying Studio by uniting a wide array of mediums. Through light, architecture, video, sculpture, sound as well as innovative sensory technologies and scientific research, he explores the boundaries of art with the aim to intensify our visionary and sensory perceptions.

In his latest exhibition “Futur Absolu” at the National Museum of The Imperial Palace of Compiegne supported by French Ministry of Culture and the RMN/Grand Palais, he presented "Prism Atemporal", a monumental immaterial light sculpture, impacting the visitors with a truly radical experience, offering a new perception of space and time and a vision of an absolute future based on altruism.

Stephan Breuer is featured in Edition: Come & Play and Edition: Guest Editor, Stephan Breuer

Aiôn (2014)
Prism Atemporal, (2013)
Infinite Crystals, (2013)
3000 C, (2013)
HORIZON I, (2012)
Prism Atemporal, (2013)
HORIZON II, (2012)
Minimal Eternity, (2013)