Ikko Narahara

Ikko Narahara is a self taught photographer born 1931 in Fukuoka, Japan. He studied law at Chuo University, and received an MA in art history at Waseda University in 1959. His first solo exhibition "Ningen no Tochi" (Human land) at the Matsushima Gallery in 1956 brought him instant recognition, and helped him decide to launch a professional career in photography. From 1962 to 1965, Narahara lived in Paris and took photographs in France, Spain and Italy. Following his return to Japan, Narahara showed an increased interest in traditional Japanese culture, which is especially evident in his photographic series "Zen."

In the early 1970s, he traveled to the US and took one of his best-known series "Where Time Has Vanished." In 1974, Narahara took part in the first exhibition of 'New Japanese Photography' at the Museum of Modern Art, and since then his work has been acclaimed internationally.

In 1967, Narahara won the Photographer of the Year Award from the Japan Photo Critics Association. From 1999 to 2005, he taught at the Graduate School of Kyushu Sangyo University in Fukuoka.


Ikko Narahara is featured in Sanbusaku 1 三部作

Hibiya (1959)
Shimash (1954-1958)
Venezia (1964)
Zen no.07 (1969)
Zen no.09 (1969)
Garden of Silence no.52 (1958)
Hiroshi Manabe (1954)
Marunouchi (1954)
Paris (1963)