Born in 1969, Mr. is a Japanese contemporary artist based in Saitama Prefecture. Mr. graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Sokei Art School in 1996 and started working as an assistant to Murakami as well as developing his own solo career in Kaikai Kiki Studio. Mr.'s work focuses on the fetishistic obsession with young adolescents, technology, sci-fi literature, manga, anima and video games in Otaku Culture. His participation in Murakami's 2000 exhibition "Super Flat" was a starting point of his international recognition.

Mr. is featured in Sanbusaku 2 三部作

Swing, (2010)
Snake’s Nest 2, (2008)
Mr.'s Room, (2010)
Helloooo There!, (2009)
In Style This Year, (2009)
15 minutes from Shiki-station, (2003)
“Penyo-Henyo” Pyopyo Edition “Sunshine Street” (2004-2006). Installation view at Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon, (2006)
On A Sunny Summer Afternoon, (2009)
New Tokyo Ferry Terminal, (2004-2005)