Yanobe Kenji

Born in 1965 in Osaka, Kenji Yanobe received a MFA in 1991 from Kyoto City University of Arts. Since the early 1990s. Yanobe has been working on the theme of survival and revival after a nuclear holocaust. In 1997, he visited Chernobyl wearing a radioactive suit, which became the inspiration of his best known Atom Suit project. His works has been collected by FNAC Fond National d'Art Contemporain in France, University Art Museum in Santa Barbara, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art among others.


Kenji Yanobe is featured in Sanbusaku 2 三部作

Atom Suit Project - Antenna of the Earth - (2000)
Installation view of "Phantasmagoria" (2007)
Queen Mamma, (2002)
Torayan, (2004)