Akron/Family is a folk-influenced experimental rock band that formed in 2002, and is currently based in New York on the Dead Oceans label. Though each member of the band — Miles Seaton, Seth Olinsky, Dana Janssen and formerly Ryan Vanderhoof can be relegated to loosely defined roles (drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist), all of them in fact play several instruments and sing. In addition to their solo debut in 2005, the band played behind Michael Gira on his Angels of Light project as well as splitting a full length CD with Angels of Light. In 2006, the band released an EP, “Meek Warrior,” a collaboration with master drummer/hero Hamid Drake. Sometime between the completion of [2007 release] Love Is Simple and Akron/Family’s 2007 U.S. tour, Vanderhoof left Akron/Family to live in a Buddhist Dharma center in the Midwest. The band has also released several tour EPs featuring demos and other recordings. In May of 2009, the trio released Set ‘em Wild, Set ‘em Free. In January of 2011 they released their most recent album, “S/T II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT .” The band is currently on tour in support of this album.



Akron/Family is featured in Edition: Refresh!

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