Jio Shimizu

Born in Tokyo in 1966, Jio Shimizu is a Japanese contemporary artist who visually reproduces the unique quality of sound, light and vibration. He received his MFA from Tokyo University of Art. Some of Shimizu's major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing” at Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), the Busan Biennale 2008 at the Busan Museum of Art (Busan, 2008), and “Simple Interactions. Sound Art From Japan” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde (Copenhagen, 2011). Shimizu currently lives and works in Saitama, Japan.

Jio Shimizu is featured in Sanbusaku 3 三部作

Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.4, 2012
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.3, 2012
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.2
Transparent elements -negative- 72.75 no.1, 2012