Yoshiko Shimada

Yoshiko Shimada was born 1959 in Tokyo and received her BA in Humanities from Scripps College in California. She is currently a PhD candidate at Kingston University in London. Shimada's work manipulates newspaper photographs of Japanese women during World War II, awakening the collective memory of the war, which is often evaded or ignored in contemporary society. Shimada's recent solo exhibition "Bones in Tansu – Family Secrets" has been exhibited at Stanley picker Gallery (London, 2009), Print Studio (Hamilton, Canada, 2009), Christina Wilson Gallery (Copenhagen, 2008) among others.


Yoshiko Shimada is featured in Sanbusaku 3 三部作

1945, 1998
A Woman Shooting, 1992
Baby Contest II, 1995
Dominate Dominated, 1998
Not..., 1998
A House of Comfort, 1993
A Picture to be Burnt, 1993