Isak Applin

Isak Applin’s recent paintings celebrate the lost legends, love stories and eccentric characters unique to the mill towns and seaports of the American Northeast. Isak’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited throughout the US, Canada, Germany and, most recently, at the Hughes Gallery in Sydney, Australia. An avid printmaker, his graphic work may be found in New York Public Library’s Special Collections and the Boston Public Library Print Collection. He currently resides in Chicago.

Isak Applin is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Alex Jovanovich

Chocorua II (2013)
Fleeing Man III (2013)
Nova Scotia Morning (2014)
Pissarro and Valerie Taking a Walk (2014)
Spring ’96 (2013)
The Letter II (2014)
The Mural (2014)
The Retreat (2013)