Shari Elf

Shari Elf is a singer-songwriter, fashion designer, raw food chef, community builder, life coach (with training from Dr. Pat Allen's WANT Institute in Newport Beach, CA) and maker of art from trash. Harvested from her travels or mailed from patrons, trash is transformed into magic, with poignant and exuberant slogans framing creatures, landscapes, and scenes from dreams we all wish we had every night. Shari Elf received a BFA from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington in 1983 noting that she does not think her formal art education "damaged her creativity" too much. She also received a degree in Fashion Technology from Maui Community College. She created her own clothing line and ran her “Elf Wear” brand for several years, sewing one-of-a-kind hand painted knitwear to the better boutiques on Maui and Oahu. Shari performed at the 2003 TED Conference, singing songs from her 2001 debut album "I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You." She currently lives in her cabin near Joshua Tree, California.

Shari Elf is featured in Edition: Guest Editor, Alex Jovanovich

Decluttering Prayer: Goddess grant me the serenity to keep the things I need to keep The courage to release the things I need to relase And the wisdom to know the difference
Goofballs (2012)
I LIKE MYSELF (2013), reworked in 2014
Matches (2012)
Panty Rock (2014)
Woman with Spaceship (2013)
I'm so glad I was born (2013)
The Wonders of Me