Auguste Rodin

The sculptor Auguste Rodin was born in Paris in 1840. He was rejected from the prestigious and conservative École des Beaux-Arts and instead served as an apprentice for the sculpture Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. During a trip to Italy in 1876, Rodin encounter the work of Michelangelo, who would experience his work. His first commission from the French government came in 1880; it was "The Gates of Hell", a monumental door covered in relief sculptures. Rodin died in 1917. His sculptures are known for their unidealized appearance and irregular surfaces.

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Eternal Springtime (modeled c. 1881; cast 1916-17)
Cathedral (1908)
Eternal Idol (1889), photo by Pierre Vallet
Iris, Messenger of the Gods, (modeled c.1895; bronze cast 1965)