Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele was born in 1890 in Tulln, Austria. His father died when he was fourteen, so Schiele's uncle and godfather became his legal guardian. He enrolled in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1906, and he met Gustav Klimt in 1907, who became his close friend and mentor. His first exhibition was a group show in 1908. Schiele was a part of the Neuekunstgruppe, a group of students that left the Academy in protest of its conservative practices. The Neuekunstgruppe had its first exhibition in 1909 where he met the critic and writer Arthur Roessler who introduced Schiele to important collectors. Schiele's first solo exhibition was in 1911. On April 13, 1912, Schiele was arrested and charged with offenses against morality. He spent 24 days in jail; consequently, his work became less overtly erotic. Schiele married Edith Harms in June 1915, and was drafted in to the army five days later. He was allowed to pursue his artistic interests while in service, and was even given a studio in 1916. While pregnant with their first child, Edith died from the Spanish influenza on October 28, 1918. Schiele tragically died three days later, also of influenza, at age 28. He is known for his candid portrayal of the human condition and his expressive lifework.

Egon Schiele is featured in Edition: Love + Sex baby

Black-Haired Girl with Raised Skirt (1911)
Embrace (Lovers II), 1917
Man and Woman I (Lovers I), 1914
nude drawing (1911)
Two Girls (Lovers), 1911