Peter Hujar

Peter Hujar was an American photographer known for his black and white portraits. He was born in 1934 and received his first camera in 1947. Hujar was part of the New York downtown art scene in the 1970s working with influential cultural figures such as Harold Krieger, Andy Warhol, and Susan Sontag. When Hujar passed away in 1987, his work was included in several permanent collections worldwide.

Peter Hujar is featured in Edition: Love + Sex baby and Edition: Best of the Met

Nude Self-Portrait, #3 (1966)
Susan Sontag (1975)
David Wojnarowics with a Snake (1981)
Daniel Schook Sucking Toe (1981)
Gary in Contortion (1979)
Nude Blowing Spit Bubble (1979)
T.C. (1975)
Girl in My Hallway (1976)