Lord Byron

One of the best known Romantics, George Gordon Noel Byron was born on January 22, 1788. He inherited his family's English title at the age of ten, becoming Baron Byron of Rochdale. He studied at Aberdeen Grammar School and then Trinity College in Cambridge. By his twentieth birthday, Byron was in debt and receiving mixed responses to his work. He set off on a tour of the Mediterranean with a friend, returning to England in 1811. The first two cantos of "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" were published in March 1812 and sold out in three days. He was especially popular among the intellectual upper class. Byron's personal life was quite scandalous. He married and divorced his wife, Anne Isabella Milbanke, who accused him of incest and sodomy. He had multiple love affairs, and in 1816 Byron fled England to escape scandal and settled in Italy and Greece. He passed away on April 19, 1824, at the age of 36, leaving one of his greatest poems, Don Juan, unfinished.


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