Danny J. Sanchez

Danny J. Sanchez is a photographer and gemologist based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California and is self-taught in photomicrography. His work focuses on the intricate and beautiful details hidden within gemstones and has been featured in Wired, New Scientist, Gizmodo. He will exhibit in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Brussels in 2015.


Danny J. Sanchez is featured in Edition: Paradise Found

"Hourglass", color-zoned Amethyst
Clinochlore in Quartz
Dolomite in Quartz with rutile
Limonite staining in Quartz
Mexican Opal, heavy shadow
Quartz with unknown inclusions within negative crystals
Muscovite in Quartz
Mexican Opal in rhyolite
Negative Crystal in Spinel
Opal in ironstone
Dolomite in Quartz with rutile
Petroleum in Quartz with methane bubble
Mexican Opal in rhyolite
Pyrite in Quartz
Rusted Rutile in Quartz
Rutile in Quartz
Rutile in Sapphire
Rutile on hematite in Quartz