Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is one of Canada's most well-known and respected photographers. He was born in 1955 in St. Catharines, Ontario and received his BAA in Photography / Media Studies from Ryerson University in 1982. He is most well known for his large-format photographs of sweeping landscapes that have been altered by industry and engineering. Burtynsky has received numerous awards throughout his career and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications.


Edward Burtynsky is featured in Edition: Paradise Found

Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Station, Baja, Mexico (2012)
Colorado River Delta #2, Near San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, (2011)
Dyralaekir River on Myrdalssandur, Iceland (2012)
Mount Edziza Provincial Park #4, Northern British Columbia, Canada, (2012)
Nickel Tailings #30, Sudbury, Ontario (1996)
Pivot Irrigation #11, High Plains, Texas Panhandle, USA (2011)
Thjorsa River #1, Iceland (2012)
Railcuts #1, C.N Track, Skihist Provincial Park, British Columbia (1985)
Silver Lake Operations #12, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia (2007)
Stepwell, Nahargarh Cistern, Jiapur, India (2010)
Xiaolangdi Dam #3, Yellow River, Henan Province, China (2011)