Nikon Small World

For over 40 years, The Nikon Small World competition has been celebrating international excellence in photography and digital imaging. The fields of the competition range from chemistry, biology, materials research, and botany to biotechnology. Microphotography serves scientific research and documentation goals as well as aesthetic purposes.

Nikon Small World is featured in Edition: Paradise Found

Embryo seeds of Capsella bursa-pastoris within fruit capsule (25x), by Aaron Messing (2002)
"Brainbow" mouse brain stem with auditory pathway axons (40x), by Dr. Jean Livet (2008)
Ant Eye (20x), by Noah Fram-Schwartz (2014)
Chrysochroa buqueti (jewel beetle) carapace, near eye (45x), by Charles Krebs (2014)
Crystal of Sulpher, Resorcinal, Azelaic acid (50x), by Dr. John, Hart (2013)
House cricket's tongue "Acheta domesticus" (25x), by Stefano Barone (2014)
Micro-flow pattern in thinning soap film (8x), by Dr. Tsutomu Seimiya (2008)
Oil/water/surfactant mixture (400x), by Andrew Childs (2006)
Peacock feather section (50x), by Charles Krebs (2013)
Pistil of the flower of Adenium obesum (10x), by José R. Almodóvar (2012)
Scolex (head) of Cysticercus psiformis tapeworm (100x), by Christian Gautier (2004)